Cardinal EPR-LF+ Plus Truck Scale’s Self-Contained Design Allows Efficient Portability


August 30, 2010

Cardinal’s portable electronic EPR-LF+ Plus self-contained vehicle scale is the ideal answer when a scale is needed that can be moved to other sites. Industries such as rock quarries, sand and gravel pits, and logging companies must relocate equipment from time to time to maintain efficient product flow. Cardinal’s NTEP legal-for-trade EPR-LF+ Plus contributes to the ease and efficiency of these moves. The complete scale is contained in modules which are furnished with lifting eyes for easy moving. Simply lift, move, and lower the scale to its new location for weighing with minimal time and effort necessary.

The EPR-LF+ Plus utilizes Cardinal 75,000 lb capacity DB series double-ended shear beam stainless steel load cells. Load cell wiring is already installed and furnished with quick connections for easy installation and removal. Heavy-duty structural tubing is placed in strategic locations to support heavy vehicle loading. Cross members and other lateral structural members provide rigid support for the heavy-duty checkered deck plate. The truck scale features a checkered steel deck and durable baked-on, anti-corrosion powder paint with 16-inch overall low-profile height. Optional side rails and steel ramps are available.

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