Cardinal Scale’s 825 Spectrum Loaded with Inclusive Features


October 12, 2009

Cardinal_825_SpectrumThe model 825 Spectrum digital weight indicator packs a multitude of features into one unit: complete onscreen ticket configurability, unlimited truck storage ID’s, lightning-fast digital fill control management, color-coded checkweighing operations, and up to 10 scales monitored onscreen simultaneously are just a few of the many features.

Filter through truck/ID storage and accumulator data and view reports based on specific criteria directly onscreen in no time at all with the 825 Spectrum’s speedy pair of 32-bit ColdFire® processors and 64 MB user memory. Sort by company name, truck number, fleet, ID, accumulator, time, date, oldest load or newest load. Reports may be viewed onscreen and/or printed, plus the truck storage database may be shared with a PC for creating, editing, sorting, and billing. Experience the graphics, speed, color, and touch of the 825 Spectrum by going online to:

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