October 14, 2009

IO-User3July 29, 2009 – LOVELAND, CO–308 SYSTEMS (, the leader in jobsite communications systems, today announced comprehensive improvements to the INSTANT OFFICEtm  portable jobsite briefcase office.  Construction companies can now enjoy increased productivity and operational efficiencies.  Simply put – you can do more with your time, which means greater profits. 

The cost effective and easy to use INSTANT Offices is a lightweight, battery powered mobile office with full wireless Internet integrated into a very small briefcase.  It operates as an independent field office, allowing field Superintendents and Project Managers to have full office capabilities out of their truck.  Due to it’s compact size and portability, you can take your entire office to the top of a building, clients home, or through streets blocked with tornado/hurricane/earthquake debris, ice, etc. 

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