Case, HSS, Rain for Rent offer mobile apps (Information Library)

June 7, 2013


Case CE has released its Case Experience AR app–a free mobile application that features Augmented Reality (AR) technology and allows customers to engage with CASE products through interactive and 3D features, videos, animations and voice-supported text on mobile devices. The app is available for Android devices as well as the iPhone and iPad.
Case Construction Equipment |

HCSS has added to its application selection the HeavyJob mobile phone time card app, which allows foremen and superintendents in the field to enter time and see job production data on any smartphone. In addition to including time for workers and equipment, the time card app stores information such as quantities and notes for cost codes and work for T&M.

Rain for Rent’s TDH Calculator is a free mobile application designed to simplify the calculation for determining pump selection and to accelerate the decision-making process for engineers, field operators and technicians. The app is available for the iPhone, and Rain for Rent is working to develop an Android version.
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Check out the photos below to see these apps in action.

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