Cat 336E H hydraulic hybrid excavator technology highlights

May 1, 2013

336E H

Earlier this month, our sister site, Equipment World, gave an in-depth look at Caterpillar’s 336E H hydraulic hybrid excavator. In light of the excavator’s Edison Award win, we’re looking at some of the highlights Equipment World presented in its report on the technology behind the 336E H.

According to Equipment World, Cat is calling its 336E H a hydraulic hybrid, which means instead of reusing as electricity the energy it captures, it stores the energy to re-release it on the return to the dig cycle.

The 336E H features three main components:

  • A large displacement, electronic, programmable pump
  • An adaptive control system valve
  • A hydraulic hybrid swing system

These components allow the 336E H to deliver the benefits of a hybrid without compromising the conventional excavator’s performance.

Among those hybrid benefits is the excavator’s fuel efficiency. Cat says the 336E H offers up to 25 percent reduced fuel consumption compared to the conventional 336E, and up to 50-percent in fuel consumption reduction over the 336D series.

The 336E H features A C9 engine with lower rpms–from 1,800 to 1,500 rpm–which contributes to the machine’s reduced noise level. The excavator also has an ACS valve that allows the machine to perform as well as its non-hydraulic counterpart.

Keep a lookout for hydraulic hybrid technology in other Cat machines. Ken Gray, global product manager for Cat’s large hydraulic excavators, told Equipment World the company has plans to offer the technology in a 336F H and a 336D H. Plus, the technology is also a possibility in larger excavators and in wheel loaders.

For more details about Cat’s hydraulic hybrid technology or the benefits it provides to the 336E H excavator, read the full story at

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