Caterpillar’s Next Generation excavators and more new aggregates equipment

Therese Dunphy

December 31, 2017


New excavators boost technology, fuel savings

Caterpillar’s Next Generation excavators — including the 320 GC, 320, and 323 — are said to offer 20 to 25 percent fuel savings over their predecessors. A new Smart mode operation automatically matches engine and hydraulic power to digging conditions to optimize fuel consumption and performance. Maintenance costs are also cut, by up to 15 percent over previous models, through extended and more synchronized maintenance intervals on the new machines. The excavators are equipped with Next Generation Cat Excavators cabs that offer standard features including keyless push-button start, an 8-inch touchscreen monitor with jog dial keys, and sound-suppressed rollover protective structures. The 320 and 323 models include what Cat describes as the industry’s highest level of standard factory-equipped technology. Both have Cat Connect Technology, which is said to increase operating efficiency by up to 45 percent over traditional grading operations. Cat Grade 2D is also standard and offers guidance for depth, slope, and horizontal distance to grade. Standard Grade Assist automates boom, stick, and bucket movements. Cat Payload offers precise load targets for increased efficiency, while Cat Link hardware and software connect sites to the office.
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Intelligently controlled drill rigs

Atlas Copco unveils its newest drill rigs in the SmartROC series, the D50 and D55. The rigs are powered by low-emission engines, which adapt their output to the task at hand at all stages of production. The Rig Control System (RCS) allows for intelligent control of engine RPM and air compressor load for more effective penetration with lower fuel consumption and decreased wear on components. Automatic rod handling and uniform feeding also enhance productivity. The D50 is designed to drill holes with a diameter of 3 1/2 to 5 1/8 inches, while the D55 drills a slightly larger diameter of 3 1/2 to 6 inches at depths of up to 148 feet.

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Motor grader simulation training pack

CM Lab Simulations announces its new Motor Grader Training Pack. Available for deployment on any Vortex simulator, the new pack is powered by the manufacturer’s Vortex Studio simulation and visualization software. Designed to bridge the gap between classroom and field work, operators can manipulate and position the simulated blade in the same way as on the real machine, including a functional saddle locking bar and automated cross-slope control. Trainees can progress from basic control familiarization to advanced exercises and are scored on metrics such as blade efficiency, grade quality, idle time, cycle time, fuel consumption, and more.
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Removes large rocks before screening

Lake Erie Portable Screens introduces the Pitbull PB148 Static Grizzly. The new unit pairs with the Pitbull 2300 screening plant and is said to offer an economical option for applications where sorting oversize material prior to screening or crushing is necessary to prevent equipment damage. The grizzly includes features to allow simple bar removal or adjustments, as well as transportability. Each of the screen’s 18 bars are installed with two sets of bolts and nuts driven completely through the bar and support. This saves time during bar adjustment or replacement. The self-cleaning grizzly bars rest on an angle to create a diamond shape and tapered openings to eliminate material becoming stuck between bars. In addition, the grizzly is constructed with standard “D” ring lift lugs for ease of transportating and positioning.

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Drop-in carbides reduce maintenance time

Drop-in carbides are available for all models of vertical shaft impactors (VSI) from Kolberg-Pioneer, Inc. (KPI). The manufacturer says the new industry-standard drop-in carbide wear parts will significantly decrease the downtime required for service and maintenance. The new carbides are estimated to reduce replacement time to approximately 20 percent of what it is with other solutions. They can also be retrofitted into existing VSI crushers from KPI.
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Key size added to all-season OTR tire

Goodyear Tire & Rubber adds a new size, 20.5R25, to its AS-3A all-season tire for construction, mining, and quarry applications. The addition completes the tire’s size line-up, which covers a full range of applications and conditions that require exceptional traction. The 20.5R25 has a 40/32-inch tread depth for enhanced traction. Other features include specially placed blades for optimized ice and snow traction; multiple groove edges for traction across all surfaces; flexible block elements for low stone retention; wide-base construction for high flotation, enhanced stability, and low ground pressure; and a unique groove shape for optimized self-cleaning in all conditions.
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DEF saddle tank
for truck chassis

Thunder Creek Equipment rolls out a DEF Saddle Tank — an industrial grade, ISO-compliant portable DEF system designed to be mounted to the frame rails of a truck chassis. Available in 60- and 120-gallon capacities, the stainless-steel DEF tank features a lockable, weather-sealed enclosure, a 12V sending unit with gauge, a locking fill cap, and a skid base for mounting to the frame rails of a truck. The closed DEF system also features a lockable pump enclosure with an 8 gallon-per-minute industrial grade DEF pump and a 20-foot, 3/4-inch DEF hose with automatic shut-off nozzle. The tanks can be customized for northern climates with an optional Glycol DEF tank heater, a 120V DEF tank heater, and a 120V pump enclosure heating blanket.
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New oil analysis kits available

Fecon Inc. introduces its own brand of Oil Analysis Kits, which can be used on a wide range of equipment, in addition to the manufacturer’s own brand. The kits offer same day results; critical alarms reported via phone; diagnosis based on OEM specs, asset history, and mechanical changes; and easy-to-read reports delivered online.
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Dewatering pump range
rapidly expanded

Atlas Copco Construction Equipment North America expands its offerings to the dewatering market with the launch of more than 30 new heavy-duty, high-capacity pumps. This includes the addition of three high-flow models to its PAS range of centrifugal dry prime pumps. The new pumps can accommodate flows of up to 6,164 gallons per minute. The range is Atlas Copco branded, but retains the Varisco name as part of the VAR range of centrifugal wet prime pumps. The Varisco brand will also continue to be used for the industrial pump range.

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Track sensor
communicates with operator

Continental unveils its proprietary track-condition monitoring concept for the Trackman. The track sensing technology incorporates a microchip molded into the tread of the track and communicates with a monitor in the cab to provide operators with real-time data. The track condition monitoring will enable predictive maintenance to prevent downtime, the manufacturer says.

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