Cat Water Delivery System launched at MINExpo

Therese Dunphy

September 23, 2012

The new Cat Water Delivery System is being launched this week at MINExpo, says Rich Keith, Cat’s OEM Solutions product manager. The system is being launched on the 777G, but will eventually be available with the 773G, 775G, and 785D.

Keith notes that many existing systems can control dust, but the Cat system uses a self-contained hydraulic system that controls spray patterns and allows for a consistent spray width regardless of engine RPM. This is designed to use the optimum gallons per square yard. “In some parts of the world, water is getting to be almost as expensive as fuel,” Keith says.

Another significant factor is the system’s ability to reduce fuel consumption, compared to traditional water trucks where the water cannon spray is tied to truck speed. With those trucks, operators often have to step on the gas to achieve maximum water cannon distance. In addition to water savings, the system also improves safety, Keith says, by eliminating over-spraying which can cause pooling of water and loss of traction on haul roads. “What the markets were telling us that the systems that were out there were good at getting the road wet, but had some safety issues,” Keith says.

The unit will include factory-installed and integrated ergonomic cab controls that are said to be user-friendly and easy to learn. A total of seven programmable automatic configurations are possible, as well as intermittent spray in automatic or manual modes. The spray patterns are customizable to meet specific haul road needs.

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