Caterpillar Introduces New 993K Wheel Loader Designed For Tough Digging and Fast Loading in Mining Operations


September 24, 2008


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The Cat® 993K Wheel Loader is a totally new model and offers a new size class in the Caterpillar® line. The 993K loader capacity matches perfectly with the Cat 777 (4 pass) and 785 (6 pass) off-highway trucks. Built on an all-new platform, the new loader features Z-bar linkage, hydraulics and power train that deliver superior penetration into the pile and high breakout forces—20 percent more than the 992G. The increased performance and capacity result in a 15 to 20 percent improvement in productivity compared to the 992G.


The new loader also features the Cat C32 ACERT engine for increased performance and US EPA Tier 2/EU Stage IIa emissions compliance. It produces net power of 950 horsepower (708 kW). The 993K also offers innovative solutions to ease maintenance and boost reliability. For example, the Cat exclusive sleeve bearing pins eliminate the need for daily greasing of the front linkage.


 The loader design also emphasizes operator safety and comfort. The wider platform allows a spacious cab, and a trainer seat is standard equipment. Seat-mounted controls allow precise operation even on rough ground, and electronically controlled lift and bucket tilt detents can be set from the operator seat. The optional rearview camera increases the view behind the machine.



Productive power train and hydraulics

The power train and hydraulics are designed to deliver high productivity and low cost per ton. As compared to the 3508B engine used in previous mining loaders, the C32 engine delivers 19 percent more power and a 5 percent increase in fuel efficiency. The proven C32 also powers several other Caterpillar mining machines, which simplifies parts inventory management.


The 993K features the next generation modular radiator (NGMR), which has copper fins for superior heat exchange capabilities. The design and construction minimizes space required for the cooling package and allows enhanced sight lines to the rear. 


Positive flow control (PFC) hydraulics is the next generation of load-sensing hydraulics. Additional sensors at the pumps provide enhanced responsiveness that the operator can feel and use. The full return flow filtration system filters 100 percent of the implement oil return flow to 6 microns for extended component life and increased uptime. The optional deluxe filtration system prevents downstream contamination in case of a failure.


The 993K axles share component commonality with the Cat 777 off-highway truck while the final drives are built off the Cat D11 platform but tailored for wheel loaders enabling the 27% increase in rimpull over the 992G.  The axle service brake share component commonality with the Cat D9R has improved retarding and better braking capabilities.  This allows for a 30% stopping distance reduction in 3rd gear runout.



Design for safe operation and maintenance

The 993K incorporates a number of new designs to enhance operator comfort, safe operation and easier access for service. For example, the new, larger cab with a .6 m (2 ft) increase in cab height provides a greater viewing area to the work place and truck body.  Easier access and egress, with right and left access stairs that clear emergency litters, stairway lights, toe kicks on the upper platform and a window washing platform enhance movement around the outside of the cab.  Another key option available on the 993K to assist in access from the ground-to-stairway is the powered Rear Access Egress System (RAES). 



Ground level or on the platform, grouped service points allows for ease of service and minimal time spent servicing the 993K.  The 993K offers five centralized service centers.  One key safety service feature is the Bumper Service Center.  Located on the left hand side bumper at ground level it contains a starter and transmission lockout.  The standard ground level Service Center on the right side of the loader, features manual grease points, a computer lap top tray, flood light for night time service and VIMS and Electronic Technician ports. The optional deluxe version of this service center also has quick fill ports for various machine systems and lights to indicate when those systems are full plus a VIMS Messenger screen that allows the technician to easily view machine faults. The ground level Service Center not only makes servicing easier and safer but will also reduce the down time to perform the services.


The VIMS machine health monitoring system, equipped with Advisor enhanced display, records data for diagnostics and prognostics. Enhanced screen size allows for more information to be displayed and ease of usability.  New features available on the 993K VIMS system include an enhanced operator profile system and additional service capabilities.


For additional information about the 993K wheel loader, customers should contact their local Caterpillar dealer or visit the Cat web site at





993K Wheel Loader Specifications



High Lift

Engine model



Gross power

1,050 hp (782 kW)

1,050 hp (782 kW)

Flywheel power

950 hp (708 kW)

950 hp (708 kW)

Operating weight*

294,670 lb (133 637 kg)

296,800 lb (134 603 kg)




Bucket capacity range

16-19 cu yd (12.2-14.5 cu m)

16-19 cu yd (12.2-14.5 cu m)

Dump height

15 ft 3 in. (4654 mm)

17 ft 4 in. (5299 mm)

Reach at full lift

8 ft 2 in. (2503 mm)

8 ft 6 in. (2612 mm)

Static tipping load, full turn

161,687 lb (73 327 kg)

134,639 lb ( 61 016 kg)

Breakout force*

159,562 lb (709.2 kN)

159,416 lb (708.5 kN)


* With 17-cu-yd (13-cu-m) bucket.





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