2016 Top Rollout: CDE Global’s R2500 primary screen

Therese Dunphy

December 21, 2016

r2500-view-from-walkwayThe R2500 primary screen, from CDE Global, is designed to optimize feed to wash plants and reduce the need for an operator to feed the processing plant. It has a maximum feed capacity of 551 short tons per hour and combines a feed hopper, screen, and conveyors in various configurations. It is available with either a belt feed or an apron feed. Galvanized 16- by 5-foot screens include a patented side wall technology that eliminates welding and is said to result in a stronger, lighter screen that produces the same acceleration as traditional screens while using less power.


2016 Top Rollout: Vermeer's T1255III terrain leveler

2016 Top Rollout: Vermeer’s T1255III terrain leveler

Vermeer’s T1255III terrain leveler creates an alternative to drilling and blasting. The surface excavation machine allows the operator to work precise seams of material and ...

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