CEAttachments Auto Bagger Assists in Floods of 2008!


July 31, 2008

The 2008 floods in the Midwest caused catastrophic damage to homes, businesses, communities and the highways and bridges that run through them. Emergency Management teams needed to respond quickly to save their properties and infrastructures from the damages of these torrential rains, surrounding them with sand bags  a lot of sand bags.

One community thought they were prepared, but the rain continued, and they needed more sand bags fast. Time was of the essence and they needed to make the best use of volunteers and workers. The EDGE Auto Bagger attachment filled that need fast!  

CEAttachments . . . Solutions Attached.

The EDGE Auto Bagger used on a skid steer loader fills 12 sand bags at one time, is easy to set up, and saves valuable time and resources not always available at a time of crisis. In four quick steps, you can fill 12 bags in about the same time it takes to tie them and move them out of the way for the next load!

1. Attach bags to spring loaded handles
2. Scoop the sand
3. Tilt the bucket back
4. Drop the bags

The EDGE Auto Bagger attachment fits on any skid steer loader, and one hydraulic cylinder holds the bags open so that filling is as quick as scooping and tilting. All that is left to do is tie the bags! This EDGE attachment provided a fast and easy solution in this Emergency Response situation.

As cleanup activities continue, other EDGE clean-up attachments, such as the Brooms, Grapple Buckets, Scrapers and even a Snow Push with a rubber edge (squeegee) attachment provide quick and simple solutions. 

When disaster hits, CEAttachments is here to provide solutions for site preparedness and cleanup with over 2000 different attachments ready to ship when you need them most!

See photos and video of the EDGE Auto Bagger and other attachments in action at www.ceattach.com.

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