Cemex, Santa Cruz County to study idle Cemex plant

March 29, 2013

cemex_davenport_caThis month, Santa Cruz County officials gave permission for a year-long investigation of a 107-year-old Cemex plant in Davenport, California, Santa Cruz Sentinel reported.

The plant dates back to 1906 and has remained idle since 2010. The investigation is part of the county’s closure plan for the plant.

The county will look at soil, groundwater and asbestos. According to Santa Cruz Sentinel, officials are likely to focus on former storage areas for fuel, coal and chemicals. These areas include the “Bunker C” fuel tank, a 1.2 million-gallon storage tank that sits above ground. It is the largest the county will study.

Though the county has approved the closure plan, Cemex still needs approval to conduct the report’s environmental tests.

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