Civil War-era cannonballs detonated in NY quarry

Brian Ethridge

August 18, 2014

cannon-balls-187243_640Around 180 Civil War-era cannonballs have been detonated in an upstate New York quarry. The cannonballs were found on the grounds of the Watervliet Arsenal, on the Hudson River just north of Albany.

The explosives were moved approximately 40 miles north to a quarry in South Glens Falls. Since the cannonballs may have had some black powder residue inside, they had to be destroyed.

The cannonballs were discovered throughout several years during various construction projects. Before being destroyed, they were stored in a museum that closed down last fall.

In case you were wondering, the cannonballs were detonated safely without any injuries. Thankfully the quarry avoided becoming a deadly place.

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