Clement’s workhorse bathtub trailer in eight different models


November 19, 2007

Clement frameless bathtub end dumps have become the standard for haulers across the United States. Eight different models in lengths from 22 to 38 feet give the hauler maximum flexibility in choosing the trailer that”s right for his application If your load is sand, gravel, coal, hazardous and aggregate, Clement”s bathtub end dumps will not only maximize your payloads and profits, but you”ll also get long trailer life. That is the result of Clement”s bathtub design with its non-washboarding floor (no cross-members under the floor) and shell where joints an welded areas have been minimized. High stress points have been identified and reinforced. One piece longitudinals, run the full length of the trailer to help eliminate joint failures. Stability is maximized by Clement”s frameless design with extra wide angle stabilizer arms, and the wobble free body section. Radius corners also promote the steady flow of material out of the body shell, decreasing chances
of an unbalanced load.

A standard for haulers looking for maximum payloads and profits …. features that maximize your return on investment

Extra Value, a firm foundation

Building a trailer is a lot like building a house. Put as much strength possible in the foundation and the structure will be strong and it will last! With every trailer we start with 25,000-lb., 102-inch wide axles. Then the axles with parallel spindles permit common inner and outer bearings greatly increasing both bearing and axle life. A heavy duty 50,000-lb. center point suspension is another Clement standard.Hub-piloted wheels have no inner nuts and all nuts have right-hand threads, plus there are only 10 nuts instead of the usual 20. This reduces both maintenance time and cost. None of our competition has a stronger foundation than the one that”s standard on every Clement trailer, and few even come close.

No washboarding
The 10 gauge HT50 steel full wrap floor is welded over 4 x 8-inch longitudinals with no cross members. This eliminates floor washboarding and premature floor wear. HT50 steel is super-strong and matches or exceeds the strength of the steel used in other makes of trailers

The crowning touch
That lustrous shine on every Clement trailer is produced using Clement™s new, advanced painting system. Dubbed “the paint of the future,” it™s a two-part urethane that™s applied after the trailerhas had a corrosion- reducing phosphate wash and an epoxy primer. The result is a lustrous, long lasting shine.



50,000 #Single Point – 3 Leaf
Axles: (2) 102-inch, 25,000 lb, 5-inch      Round, Common Inner/Outer Bearings
Wheels: 8.25 x 24.5, 10 Hole Hub-Piloted      Disc
Tires: 11 x 24.5 Radial
Hubs: 10 Hole Pilot Hub
Brakes: Air 16-1/2 x 7-inch Outboard
     Cast Drum;
ABS: 2S 1M
Axle Spacing: 51-inch
Light: 12 Volt Sealed Beam, Rubber      Grommet
Wiring: Sealed Harness Modular Plug In
Mud Flaps: Rubber Rear Only
Draft Arms: 3 x 4-inch x 1/8-inch Tubing
King Pin Plate: 1/4-inch AR450     (Rocking/Breakaway)
Back-up Alarm: Yes


Steel Bathtub style body for sand,      gravel, coal, hazardous waste and      aggregate
Floor: 10 gauge HT50
Sides: 12 gauge HT50
Tailgate: 10 gauge HT50, Top hinged,
      Air lock w/Air Line to Front
Front: 12 gauge HT50
Paint: One color urethane enamel over      primed surface
Longitudinal: 4 x 8 x 3/16-inch Tubing
Top Rail: 4 x 4 x 3/16-inch Tubing
Side Braces: 10 x & 12 gauge HT50
Dump with wheels on ground thru 41 degrees.



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