Color LCD Monitor and Camera System


March 3, 2008

This collision avoidance system supports up to two cameras so whether you have a single blind spot or
multiple you can get full coverage. By day, enjoy images in brilliant color; and even in low illuminated
conditions, you see the clearest image possible with the camera™s 18 infrared illuminators.(Unit: SV-CLCD70B/SV-CLCD56B)


  • Available with a compact 5.6-inch monitor or 7-inch wide screen format for optimal viewing
  • Color monitor and color camera provides greater contrast and visibility
  • The automatic day/night sensor ensures excellent picture quality even in low light conditions
  • Camera has built in microphone so you can hear as well as see what™s behind you
  • System can automatically activate when the vehicle starts or is placed in reverse and supports single or multiple cameras

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