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June 1, 2008

What happens in Vegas doesn’t always
stay in Vegas. Here are best and brightest introductions from the big

Retrofittable VSI rotor

Sandvik Mining & Construction featured its new Sandvik Hurricane rotor, which is said to offer breakthrough benefits in
VSI autogenous rotor design. With four new rotor and wear parts design
patents pending, major improvements include the following: increased
rotor throughput of up to 30 percent for the same power draw; increased
uptime and availability due to reduced overall maintenance; fewer wear
parts required; increased commonality of parts that decreases stocking
requirements; and decreased vibration levels from the new design.

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Pre-production hybrid wheel loader

Volvo Construction Equipment unveiled a
pre-production model of a hybrid wheel loader the company plans to
produce in 2009. The L220F is a 349-horsepower loader in the
7-cubic-yard class; the hybrid version includes an integrated starter
generator and an advanced battery that produces up to 515 foot-pounds of
torque and 67 horsepower. The machine’s parallel hybrid technology
improves fuel efficiency by virtually eliminating fuel used at idle and
by providing more torque at low engine speeds. The integrated starter
generator lets the engine shut down at idle and almost instantly
restarts it on demand by rapidly spinning the engine up to optimum
working speed with a burst of energy from the battery. The starter
generator also adds what Volvo calls a “massive electric torque boost”
to the engine, overcoming the diesel engine’s traditional problem of low
torque at low engine speeds. Volvo says the net result is more power,
better performance, and a 10-percent reduction in fuel consumption.

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Efficient cone crusher

Metso Minerals rolled out its new cone crusher, the
Nordberg HP5. The second in an all-new series of high-performance cones,
it is designed to offer efficient production of high-quality end
products. The HP5 is said to produce much finer products with fewer
crushing stages, thereby saving energy and lowering costs. With a
combination of optimized speed and a large throw, the company says the
unit offers the highest reduction ratios of any cone crusher currently
on the market. Its efficient crushing action improves power consumption,
resulting in a lower kilowatt-hour per ton of crushed end product with
lower re-circulation load, according to Metso.

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Largest hydrostatic wheel loader

Liebherr rolled out its new L 586 2plus2 wheel
loader, calling the 71,800-pound, 7.8-cubic-yard machine the world’s
largest hydrostatic wheel loader. The unit has a tipping load of 45,040
pounds. Liebherr says the 340-horsepower machine outperforms
higher-horsepower mechanical drive designs because of its advanced
hydrostatic drive system. The company says its hydrostatic machines are
up to 25 percent more fuel efficient than conventional drive machines,
and have as much as 25 percent less tire wear and virtually no brake

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New jaw crusher debuts

McCloskey launched its heavy duty, track-mounted
C50 jaw crusher. Working in tandem with Telsmith, the company developed
a 50- by 26-inch single toggle jaw for the new unit. McCloskey, known
previously for its screening equipment, plans to bring a complete range
of jaw crushers, cone crushers, and impact crushers to the market. The
C50 has a 350 horsepower engine, 8.9-cubic-yard hopper, and is highway
transportable without oversize waivers.

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Heavy-duty grease

Chevron rolled out its latest addition to the Delo
brand — Delo Heavy Duty EP. Designed for on- and off-highway
construction and maintenance vehicles as well as a wide variety of
off-road applications, the grease is formulated with the company’s
ISOSYN base stocks. It is said to display outstanding water washout and
spray-off resistance properties in wet, off-road environments and offer
excellent shock load extreme pressure protections, making it suitable
for use with pins and bushings on buckets, loaders, shovels, shaker
screens, crushers, and conveyors.

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Streamlined installation tool

Flexco introduced its improved aluminum MSRT
installation tool designed for the company’s SR Fastening System. The
Aluminum MSRT Multiple Rivet Driving Tool is lightweight, portable, and
designed to assist the splice installer in harsh working environments
where heavy splicing equipment has to be moved regularly. The scalloped
design of the new tool’s riser plate is said to allow for fast, accurate
alignment of fastener strips on the anvil plate.

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Jumping into the production class

Case Construction Equipment continued to expand its
earthmoving machine lines into larger categories with the
320-horsepower, 7.6-cubic-yard 1221E wheel loader. Designed for quarry
work, road construction, and site preparation applications, the new
machine features a large, isolation-mounted cab that is said to be among
the quietest in the category. It features floor-to-ceiling glass in
front and a sloped rear engine compartment for excellent sightlines.
Maintenance features include ground-level service checks and remote
drains for coolant, engine oil, and hydraulic oil. The 1221E also offers
a Ride Control option that improves material retention and cuts operator
wear and tear in load-and-carry applications.

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Flagship crusher

Rubble Master presented its flagship product, the
RM100 crusher to the North American market at ConExpo-Con/Agg. The unit
produces up to 220 tons per hour and has been engineered for efficiency,
durability, and ease of use. It is said to process any material into a
fine-grain end product and to achieve a defined grain size in a single
pass. Use of new wear-resistant crusher materials keeps maintenance
costs low while the machine’s fuel efficiency translates into lower
operating costs.

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Accurate excavator scale

Actronic Technologies released its new Loadrite
X-Weigh 2350 weighing system to the excavator market. Capable of
weighing materials while the machine is operating, the system features
the new Multi-dimensional Compensation weighing technology. Composed of
a Loadrite onboard scale, a sturdy graphic interface, and a proprietary
software package, the system uses multiple sensors to track the
movements of the machine. Sensors mounted on the pivot points of the arm
monitor the angle and position of the boom and stick, as well as changes
to the hydraulic pressure. The system also incorporates two tilt sensors
so weight calculations remain accurate even on sloping or uneven ground.

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Automated wheel wash system

Innovative Equipment Solutions premiered its
Neptune Series of fully automated, drive-through wheel wash systems,
which can be configured with one-, two-, or three-tire revolutions of
cleaning to eliminate job site trackout. Featuring concrete or
galvanized steel sidewall construction, the system can be used in either
permanent or temporary installations. All models are engineered with a
fully automated, closed-loop water recycling and solids separation

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Highway portable stacker

Thor Global introduced its T150-20, a 48-inch by
150-foot highway-portable telescopic stacker. The unit can be folded up
and ready for transportation or unfolded and ready for production within
15 minutes, the company says, and can stockpile up to 2,000 tons per
hour. The new stacker features a quick-release system that allows the
operator to engage or disengage the radial drive system within three
minutes. It also boasts zero-speed switches on inner and outer conveyors
to protect the stacker from overloading if the belt is broken or slips.

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Off-road haul truck

Western Star featured its 6900XD 40-ton off-road
haul truck. Designed to minimize cost per ton compared to traditional
articulated dump trucks and rigid-frame, off-road dump trucks, the
6900XD offers lower acquisition and maintenance costs while offering
performance and productivity. On maintained haul roads that exceed 1/2
mile, the truck is said to be 35 percent more fuel efficient than
competitive artics and rigid dump trucks in the same payload class. On
longer hauls — in excess of 12 miles — the unit posted average fuel
consumption of 7.13 gallons per hour.

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New generation of hydraulic test equipment

Flo-tech, a product division of the Racine Flow
Meter Group, introduced the Flo-Check USB Hydraulic System Analyzer. The
device simultaneously measures flow, pressure, temperature, and power
within a hydraulic system. Data is received from the analyzer through a
standard USB cable and is displayed and logged through a custom
Windows-based software application. The unit is bi-directional and
includes a low-resistance load valve and internal pressure relief discs.

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Track-mounted primary jaw

Telsmith, Inc., introduced its new track-mounted
primary jaw crushing plant, the Quarry-Trax Model TJ3258, at ConExpo-Con/Agg.
Engineered to deliver high yields with superior reliability, the plant’s
Telsmith 3258 jaw crusher features a larger gape and a 58-inch-wide
crushing chamber, boosting crushing capacity by up to 15 percent over
similar sized units. The crusher uses PLC controls for ease of
operation. In the automatic mode, the crusher feed is maximized by
monitoring engine load, crusher load, and feed in level in order to
maintain a consistent choke feed. The crusher setting is displayed on an
on-board LCD monitor and adjustments are enabled through push button

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All-weather, automated drill rig

Atlas Copco showcased its ROC D7C, a silenced
SmartRig surface crawler. SmartRig is a concept that facilitates a
variety of automation in drill rigs. The hardware is designed to operate
in every possible weather condition, and the software can be upgraded on
site. The units have built-in logging and monitoring functions as well
as support for diagnostics and fault finding. Through PC software, the
SmartRig control system electrical signals are generated to control the
hydraulic valves. This concept of a “dry cab” has no hydraulic pipes or
gauges and reduces noise for the operator.

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Newly designed hydrocyclone

Linatex used computational fluid dynamics modeling
and specialist design principles to develop a new range of Linatex
Genesis Hydrocyclones to provide improved classification efficiency and
product recovery. An interchangeable inlet wedge allows operators to
quickly change the size of the inlet and to fine tune performance
without removing it from the process line. Feed slurry is introduced
into the body of the cyclone in a tall rectangular ribbon, which moves
the solid particles closer to the wall of the cyclone and minimizes the
distances traveled during the separation process.

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Track-mounted crushers

Terex Pegson’s ConExpo-Con/Agg lineup included
three new track-mounted crushers: the large XA750 jaw, the XV350
vertical shaft impactor, and the SH250 horizontal impactor. The XA750 is
an entirely new jaw plant for larger quarry and recycling applications.
Featuring a modular design for maximum capacity, it boasts a
hopper/feeder section with live pre-screen that is removable for
transport if required. A one-piece hydraulically raised/lowered product
conveyor, extended dirt and fines conveyor, and Jaques 55- by 35-inch
jaw round out the plant. The XH250 HSI targets smaller recycling and
quarry operations while the XV350 VSI boasts an updated 1300 Maxtrak

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Advanced tire tracking

Bridgestone Firestone Off Road Tire Co. unveiled
the next generation of its tire management software: TreadStat 3.0.
Accessible from any computer with an Internet connection, enhanced
features include consolidated reporting that allows locations to be
combined across area, region, division, or company; drill-down
reporting; output reports; e-mail reports; news reports; comprehensive
databases; and improved input for users. Accompanying the software is a
library of electronic resources such as a maintenance guide, base price
list, and more with updates that download automatically.

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Powerful wheel loader

Komatsu America Corp. introduced its WA500-6 wheel
loader, designed for quarry, sand and gravel, and industrial
applications. It employs advances that allow operators to work
comfortably and productively in a variety of conditions. The wheel
loader boasts a net 332 horsepower and an operating weight between
71,585 and 74,010 pounds. Komatsu engineered all the major components,
including the engine, lock-up torque converter, transmission, hydraulic
units, and electric parts. It is equipped with the latest Komtrax
technology, which sends the machine operating information to a secure
Web site using wireless technology.

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Pulleys eliminate high-stress areas

Continental Conveyor & Equipment Co. rolled out its
Continental JLV pulleys, which are designed around the application of
keyless locking elements between end-discs and shafts. Widely used in
high-tension pulley applications, the company expanded the use of the
technology below the level of high-tension pulleys. Key advantages
include the following: end discs are made from solid plates rather than
weld-in hubs; the bending moment at the hub is reduced without
sacrificing strength and durability; lighter pulley construction
provides similar durability to heavier pulleys; and the units feature a
stress-balanced design that matches stresses and deflections of all
pulley components and thereby eliminates high-stress areas in the

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Air separator removes fines

Fisher Industries featured its 13-foot diameter
Fisher Air Separator. It said to effectively remove unwanted fines from
aggregate products, bringing otherwise rejected material into
specification. Its ability to “dry” process materials and remove excess
fines promotes an efficient and clean operation. The air separator
requires minimal maintenance and can process up to 150 tons per hour,
the company says.

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Portable screening and crushing

Terex Cedarapids showcased its MACS8203 screen
plant and MACS mobile aggregate crushing system at ConExpo-Con/Agg. The
triple-deck (8- by 20-foot) screen plant has on-board conveyors to
simultaneously feed up to three stackers, a secondary cone, and a
tertiary crushing circuit. Conveyors and walkways hydraulically fold for
quick setup and allow travel less than 12 feet in width. Adjustable
multi-section gates blend and divert screen materials as desired. The
crushing system offers the flexibility of an all-electric system that
can be powered by one or two generator sets or line power. The
triple-axles plants are designed for easy transportation and travel less
than 13 feet, 6 inches in height and 12 feet in width. The area required
for the entire MACS system is said to be approximately one third the
amount of other systems.

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Impact saddle

Richwood promoted its new technology to protect
conveyor belts — the Combi-Pact Impact Saddle. It is a bolt-in
replacement for conventional idlers and is distinguished by a curved
surface supporting the whole area of belt in contact. Installed in
arrays, the saddle can replace impact beds or cradles of many feet in
length. Designed as a direct replacement for conventional idlers, it can
be used in all types of applications ranging from light to heavy duty.

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Uses half the horsepower

The Aggre-Dry FMW (fine material washer) Screen
from GreyStone washes and dewaters aggregate material, combining a fine
material screw and dewatering screen that the company says produces sand
and gravel with a moisture content as low as 8 to 13 percent, by weight,
while using less than half the horsepower required to process the same
tonnage of spec product using a traditional screen/cyclone system. The
dewatering screen features a 0.25-mm screen that reduces the amount of
material that can fall through the screen. The feed from the screw
allows the material to build to a bed depth of 14 inches on the screen,
squeezing additional moisture from the sand as the vibratory motors move
it along the length of the screen cloth, further reducing moisture

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Powerful hydraulic breaker

Weighing in at 10 metric tons, the HB 10000 — from
Atlas Copco Construction Tools LLC — delivers 50 percent more impact
energy than its HB 7000 unit. In combination with PowerAdapt,
AutoControl, and other proprietary technology, the breaker is said to be
a cost-effective production machine for primary rock breaking as well as
a viable alternative to certain drilling and blasting applications.

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Track-mounted secondary cone

Fintec Crushing and Screening Ltd. introduced its
Fintec 1080 track-mounted cone crusher system to the U.S. market. The
mobile 385-horsepower cone features high strength and capacity with
high-reduction performance, all-in feed, and direct hydraulic drive to
produce material of desirable shape and quality. The plant features the
Sandvik H3800 crusher. With a hopper capacity of 6.5 cubic yards and a
maximum feed opening of 7-1/2 inches, the hydraulic-adjust crusher will
allow a coarse closed-side setting (CSS) of 1/2 inch to 1-1/2 inches and
a medium CSS of 1/3 to 1 inch. A level monitor controls the feed rate to
ensure choke feeding, while a semi-automatic setting regulation system
optimizes production and tracks liner wear.

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Self-priming pump

Godwin Pumps featured the 8- by 6-foot HL 160M
heavy-duty automatic self-priming pump. Designed for pumping under
discharge pressure conditions or high discharge lift applications, it
offers flow rates of up to 2,000 gallons per minute and total dynamic
heads of up to 600 feet, with solids handling up to 1-3/8 inches. A
Caterpillar 3406C diesel engine is standard.

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Higher specification metal detector

Eriez rolled out its Metalarm MA3600, a metal
detector that uses pulse induction technology to offer balanced coil
detection sensitivity and performance. Engineered for installation in
quarries and mines, it incorporates several key features. Higher
detection sensitivity ensures that even the smallest problematic tramp
metal can be detected; providing better protection for crushers,
screens, and conveyor belts.

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Triple-deck screen plant

Extec featured the S-7, the largest model in its
S-Series. The machine features the same double-screen design as the
smaller units in the series, but boasts a triple-deck configuration as
well as an additional side conveyor. Along with a large feed hopper with
optional double-deck vibrating grid and a set of extended conveyors,
these features are said to make the S-7 the most productive mobile
screen in its class. With a transport weight of 85,142 pounds, the unit
is powered by a Deutz BF4M 2012 diesel engine with 74.9 horsepower that
meets or exceeds all known emission regulations.

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Power and torque for heavy hauls

Mack Trucks, Inc. introduced its most powerful
truck ever — the Titan by Mack. Designed for heavy transport and heavy
construction applications, it is powered by the new Mack MP10 engine, a
16-liter workhorse with a top rating of 605 horsepower and 2,060
pound-foot of torque. Said to be the boldest-looking Mack model ever, it
delivers the attitude and torque required for hauling the heavy loads,
while incorporating advanced engineering for excellent visibility,
productivity, and operator comfort.

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Flat-deck screen solution

Major Wire Industries Ltd. showcased its newest
innovation — Flex-Thane — a flat-deck version of its Flex-Mat screen
media that is said to increase production. It combines the efficiency
and performance of the Flex-Mat technology with the easy replacement of
polyurethane and rubber panels to nearly eliminate blinding and plugging
problems on flat-screen decks. It features independently vibrating
wires, bonded in place with polyurethane strips, which provide more open
area for increased throughput, higher production, and better efficiency
in hard-to-screen applications. Flex-Thane modular panels are available
in 1- by 1-foot and 1- by 4-foot panel sizes.

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All-in-one plant

KPI-JCI featured a new “All-in-One” Portable
Self-Erecting package featuring a 26-inch twin blade-mill, 44-inch twin
fine material washer, and a 6- by 20-foot three-deck horizontal
vibrating screen on a single chassis. The self-contained plant has
production rates of up to 500 tons per hour. The compactly designed
plant can be set up in approximately four hours and is said to provide
significant transportation cost savings.

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High-torque reducer

Baldor Electric developed the Dodge MagnaGear XTR
reducer for tough, high-torque applications. Available in parallel shaft
or right-angle configurations, it will initially offer torque capacities
up to 920,000 pounds-inch.

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Hybrid mobile crusher

Eagle Crusher rolled out a hybrid-powered,
track-mounted impactor plant. The Hybrid Traxx features diesel
electrical power for both the impactor and the plant; the tracks are
driven by an open loop, single-pump hydraulic system. The plant features
the new UltraMaxII 4144 impactor.

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Seat reduces vibration

Grammer Inc. developed the MSG95EAC/742 seating
technology for excavators and wheel loaders that are said to reduce
vibrations up to 40 percent, improve ergonomics and climate, and
increase operator productivity.

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Portable light towers

Allmand Bros. Inc. introduced the SHO-HD lighting
system to its line of portable light towers. The new technology is
designed to deliver brighter and whiter light for enhanced visibility
and greater coverage of job sites.

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Hydraulic breaker attachments

Chicago Pneumatic Construction Tools unveiled a
full line of hydraulic breaker attachments. Featuring 12 models, the new
CP breaker line covers a variety of applications including secondary
rock breaking. Sizes range from breakers suitable for 1.3-metric ton
carriers to 75-metric ton carriers.

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