ConExpo-Con/Agg March 7 Highlights

Therese Dunphy

March 6, 2014

(Photo Credit: ConExpo-Con/Agg)
(Photo Credit: ConExpo-Con/Agg)

Here are Aggregates Manager’s picks for today’s industry educational sessions.

Prices for the educational sessions include several options, including the following:

  • All Session Pass – $395 (includes any session from Tuesday through Friday, except any specially priced programming)

  • Session Day Pass – $195 (includes any sessions on selected day)

  • Single Session – $65

Friday, March 7

10-11:30 a.m.

F109: Conveyor Design
by Silvestre Gonzalez, Cemex
This presentation will introduce the audience to a systematic approach to follow when designing new conveyors or upgrading old conveyors. Discover the components that need to be considered in order to have a successful installation.
Learning objectives:
1. Obtain a clear understanding of conveyor design standards, naming to be used when talking about conveyor components and basic conveyor design.
2. Develop the specification to be communicated to manufacturers for conveyor orders or changes.
3. Know what needs to be considered when upgrading a conveyor belt.

1-2:30 p.m.

F117: Getting Beyond Your Old Normal Practice In The New Normal Economy With Process Improvement
by Todd Creasy, Western Carolina University (to read what Todd has to say about lean crushing processes, click here)
The traditions, methods, and approach the quarry industry grew up with no longer give us the results we want and need in our “New Normal” business climate. Costs are higher, safety and compliance standards are significantly more stringent, and the market volumes required to cover costs and deliver profits are coasting along at roughly half the levels we enjoyed during the boom-expansion era. The spoken and unspoken assumptions and habits that worked so well in the “Old Normal” have now become our enemy in finding and sustaining what we all want and need. This presentation will look at the technical, economic and human functional dynamics that must be addressed to make process improvement succeed in delivering organizational safety and profit objectives in the “New Normal.”
Learning Objectives:
1. How to look at and think about operations from an integrated process perspective.
2. Understand the limits of 6-Sigma and Lean methodology as they apply to aggregate quarry operations.
3. Understand how traditional pyramid management structures obstruct the efficiencies and benefits of true team dynamics.

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