2016 Top Rollout: ContiTech’s ContiAlert conveyor belt monitoring process

Therese Dunphy

December 8, 2016

ContiTech’s conveyor belt monitoring process allows users to actually see the belt wear in real time. The ContiAlert has a red bonding layer below the top cover that becomes exposed as soon as the belt is wearing thin and needs to be replaced. The system also has a calculator that tells users how much time is left on the current belt before it needs to be replaced. ContiAlert is available on the full line of ContiTech Select Conveyer Belts.


2016 Top Rollout: Asgco's one-sided Slide-lers

2016 Top Rollout: Asgco’s one-sided Slide-lers

Asgco’s new One-Sided Slide-lers allow operators to change idler rolls without having to remove the adjacent idlers. The patent-pending modular idler frame makes it possible to remove ...

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