CP Heavy- & Severe-Duty Buckets Sink Their Teeth In


July 27, 2011

CP Heavy- and Severe-Duty Buckets by Paladin Construction Group are built for ultimate durability on the job to provide the best return on your investment. Available in widths from 10 inches up to 84 inches, they dig and move the most abrasive materials with mini-excavators and excavators up to 200,000 pounds (90 metric tons). Extended life and bucket accountability start with a circular torque tube design that enhances each bucket’s overall strength. One-piece T-1 curved side cutters and side wear pads protect against premature wear of the bucket sides, while an abrasion resistant “double-bottom” up to 3/4 inches thick provides a hard, yet lightweight barrier between the bucket and your material.

The bucket teeth—available in various styles—and a T-1 cutting edge with triple pass welding sit at a downward angle to aggressively dig into your material, providing faster scooping and less stress on the machine. On medium and larger models, an additional triangular steel fabrication increases strength and stability without adding unnecessary weight.

CP Heavy-Duty Buckets are available in struck capacity sizes from 0.037 cubic yards up to 5.7 cubic yards. CP Severe-Duty Buckets are available in struck capacity sizes from 0.106 cubic yards up to 3.9 cubic yards.   

Paladin Construction Group is a leading manufacturer of couplers and attachments throughout North America for the construction, aggregate, agriculture, landscaping, land clearing, recycle, mining, demolition, utility, aviation and municipal market segments. For more information about Paladin’s entire coupler and attachment offering, call 800-428-2538; fax 330-734-3019; e-mail: pcginfo@paladinbrands.com; or visit www.paladinconstructiongroup.com.

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