Crushed Stone Pricing by State

Therese Dunphy

January 14, 2014


Crushed stone producers fared slightly better, in terms of price per ton, than their sand and gravel counterparts during 2012.

crushed stone pricing 2012
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While the average price of a metric ton of sand and gravel was $7.84, a metric ton of crushed stone sold for an average price of $9.76 during 2012.

In terms of overall production, the tops states were Texas, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Ohio and Illinois. Those five states produced approximately 385,300,000 tons of material during 2012.

In terms of pricing, operators in Mississippi commanded the highest average price per ton, $20.05, while operators in North Dakota received an average of $6.17 per ton.

Check out the image to the right to see how your production and pricing compares to others in your state.

To see 2012 sand and gravel pricing by state, click here.

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