Cummins QSX15 engine offers near-zero emissions

Kerry Clines

June 15, 2011

Cummins says its new QSX15 engine is the next step in meeting near-zero emissions levels in 2014. The company says the 15-liter, heavy-duty engine will meet EPA Tier 4 Final and EU Stage IV emissions with an ultra-clean aftertreatment system combining the Cummins Particulate Filter with Selective Catalytic Reduction (CPF-SCR). The new 675-horsepower top rating for the QSX15 takes the Tier 4 Final engine 75 horsepower above the Tier 4 Interim top rating of 600 horsepower. The QSX11.9 engine increases power output for Tier 4 Final with a new top rating of 525 horsepower, and shares the same engine technology and CPF-SCR ultra-clean aftertreatment system as the QSX15. Engine power density for Tier 4 Final increases to 45 horsepower per liter for the QSX15 and 44 horsepower per liter for the QSX11.9. At Tier 4 Interim 2011 emissions levels, the QSX15 and QSX11.9 engines can achieve up to 5-percent improved fuel efficiency compared to Tier 3, depending on duty cycle and machine optimization. Fuel efficiency will be further increased for Tier 4 Final 2014 by an additional 3 to 4 percent, according to the company.

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