Cushion Arc® Heavy Duty Impact Idler


July 8, 2009


cushion_arc_impact_idlerFinally, an impact idler has been designed that can maintain superior operating performance in any field condition while protecting your conveyor belt. The incomparable durability of Cushion Arc® Impact Idlers is obvious in each of its high quality, heavy duty components.


The Cushion Arc® Impact Idler from Richwood is designed to provide true arc impact protection in an exceptionally heavy duty idler. The unitized frame is built to withstand extreme operating conditions.

Cushion Arc’s multiple rollers provide smooth, full belt width radius support trough transitions that protect the belt from damage, unlike the sharp junction points found in conventional idlers.

Quality Components

The Roller Segment – Each Cushion Arc® Idler has 5-9 individual rollers. These are impact resistant 6” diameter R2000 rubber molded over a 2 ¾” diameter steel shell. Each roller uses permanently sealed 1 ¼” ball bearings on the solid steel shaft to complete the assembly.

The Roller Frame – Offers independent support for each impact roller on the main idler frame for simple installation. As shown here, the roller T-frame quickly slides on and off from the side of the conveyor for change out of individual rollers.

The Unitized Steel Support Frame – provides unsurpassed durability in any application. The entire unit can be installed with the belt in place. Available for all belt widths and any support profile.

The Cushion Arc® provides maximum belt protection in your impact zones. The rugged construction of Cushion Arc® includes:

Solid steel independent roller shafts

Extra heavy duty steel inner shell

High quality R2000 rubber 6” diameter solid molded impact rollers

Permanently sealed ball bearings with extra sealed protection

Solid Steel Shaft

6” diameter rubber impact roller

1 ¼” sealed ball bearings


For maintenance when needed, Cushion Arc® rollers can be easily replaced from the side of the belt by simply sliding each roller off its support frame and sliding on the new. Only Richwood offers impact idler options with this kind of durability. Cushion Arc® is available in all belt widths and degrees of trough angle. Call today for assistance with your application.

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