CycloLift™ Connectors Streamline Railcar Unloading


May 17, 2011

YORK, NE – Innovative CycloLift Railcar/Truck Connectors by Cyclonaire Corporation feature pneumatically actuated lifters to streamline unloading from hopper-bottom railcars and trucks – faster, simpler, and much cleaner than other unloading methods. CycloLift connectors have been specifically designed to reduce the time and eliminate the spillage associated with the job of mating conventional railcar connectors with hopper gates. Models are also available for hopper-bottom trucks, dual-outlet railcars, and come standard in sizes with custom-fit adapters.

CycloLift connectors maintain a tight gate seal during unloading, while flexible rubber seals minimize product leakage. This tight seal is essential when handling materials that can pollute the environment or harm employees. Connectors come with aluminum adapter plates that move longitudinally to speed alignment of the boot seal with the hopper slide gate and cut down on time-consuming railcar repositioning. To elevate the boot from between the tracks and mate it firmly against the hopper slide gate, the CycloLift connector replaces conventional hydraulically activated mechanical linkages with pneumatic lifters. The lifters are located under the top plate that carries the resilient rubber chute to the hopper gate. When extended, the lifters create a tight boot-to-gate seal regardless of the tilt of the railcar or irregularities in the gate surface. During unloading, it automatically maintains its seal with the railcar to eliminate leakage. The CycloLift has been designed from the ground up for efficient, simple operation in a tough environment.

By contrast, conventional devices do not mate properly if the hopper opening and the lift mechanism are not in the same horizontal plane. The mechanical function of the typical device varies with height and can lead to faulty sealing. Most conventional units employ a 4-bar linkage that can become fouled with debris, causing the unit to lose its seal. In all three instances, conveyed product is likely to leak.

The CycloLift is compact and low profile. Its durable pneumatically actuated lifters resist abrasion and have a long throw to accommodate hoppers with varying clearance. The force exerted by the pneumatic lifters against the hopper gates is virtually independent of extension throughout the throw range. As the car empties and rises, there is no loss of sealing force.

Cyclonaire also offers its CycloLift connectors in durable, stainless steel construction for handling corrosive materials – such as dry fertilizers, salts, and other corrosive bulk solids – safely and efficiently.

The CycloLift Railcar Connector is the latest addition to the lineup of Cyclonaire railcar unloading and pneumatic conveying systems. It also is one of the company’s signature 445 Technology products – those products that have been recognized by Cyclonaire for reducing emissions that can harm the environment.

Cyclonaire is a manufacturer of bulk material handling systems and controls, specializing in pneumatic conveying. The company supplies components as well as complete systems. Its services range from concept engineering and project management to start-up supervision. Industries served include rubber, railroad, cement, chemical, battery, food, foundry, milling, power, and mineral.

To see photographs, dimensional drawings, and specifications for this and other Cyclonaire products, visit the Cyclonaire website at For more information and free literature, contact Cyclonaire Corporation, PO Box 366, York, NE 68467-0366; call 1-800-445-0730 or 1-402-362-2000; or send e-mail to

Photo Caption: CycloLift™ Railcar Connectors – now available in stainless steel for handling corrosive materials – maintain a tight boot-to-gate seal and eliminate leakage.

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