Deere’s operator friendly 460E artic truck

Kerry Clines

October 9, 2012

John Deere says its 460E articulated truck is the largest, most operator friendly truck ever built. The largest of Deere’s E Series ADTs, the 46-ton 460E features a John Deere PowerTech 13.5L IT4 engine with 481 net horsepower. A purpose-built ZF transmission includes a high-capacity retarder, eight forward gears, and four reverse gears. The new axles are designed for heavy-duty applications and include on-the-fly differential locks and outboard planetaries, and each axle is independently pressure lubed and filtered. The axles use internal wet disc brakes with independent cooling circuits. If the differential lock system is allowed to run in automatic mode, when ground conditions get soft and difficult, the system will automatically control the axle differential locks as well as the inter-axle differential lock, all while the truck is still moving.

A newly designed stay-tight oscillation joint, high-suspension travel on all axles, and balanced weight distribution provide agility. To minimize rollover risk, the dump body can be restricted from rising when the rear chassis exceeds a predetermined slope angle. The truck also features centralized, true ground-level servicing to simplify daily maintenance.

The cab monitor provides an easy-to-read LCD screen with onboard diagnostics, analog/digital gauges, and vital system indicators. An auto shutdown feature turns off the engine after an owner-determined period of inactivity to help save fuel and reduce emissions, idle-time operation, and wear on the powertrain and hydraulics.

An onboard weighing system allows operators to view the weight and the number of loads carried via JDLink. The system not only allows operators to track and optimize payload performance, but aids in maximizing the life of the tires and chassis. Mirror-mounted load indicator lights illuminate for the loading operator as the truck approaches capacity (yellow), is at capacity (green), or is overloaded (red).

A tire-pressure monitoring system helps maximize traction, tire life, and fuel efficiency. Access to JDLink Ultimate allows customers to check tire pressures remotely and receive alerts when the pressure gets too low or too high.

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