Deister intro’s exciter vibrating mechanism and isolation base

Kerry Clines

January 28, 2013

Deister exciter vibrating mechanismDeister announced two new innovative equipment options for use on mine-duty screens — the exciter vibrating mechanism and the isolation base. The exciter is designed for use with large, linear-stroke screens and feeders. The company says multiple units can be positioned in series and linked by flexible shaft couplings to provide exceptional B-10 bearing life in conjunction with aggressive G-force. Innovative seal, shaft, and bearing designs are said to make the unit rugged and easy to maintain. The exciter mechanism can be driven by V-belts or a direct-drive flexible shaft.

The isolation base incorporates a secondary set of support springs, as well as shock absorbers, which further isolate the forces generated by the vibrating screen frame from the stationary structure and reduce the size and complexity of the support structure under and around the vibrating screen.

Deister Machine Co.;

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