Diesel fuel price report: July 8, 2013

July 8, 2013

diesel fuel

After a week of decreases across the board, U.S. diesel fuel prices jumped in nearly every region this week.

The Gulf Coast region experienced the greatest weekly increase at $0.018 per gallon more than last week and $0.148 per gallon higher than a year ago.

The New England and Rocky Mountain regions experienced the only decreases this week, with prices falling $0.006 per gallon and $0.008 per gallon, respectively. However, year-over-year costs continued to climb in these regions. Diesel fuel prices are $0.125 per gallon higher than a year ago in the New England region and $0.131 higher than a year ago in the Rocky Mountain region.

The average price for diesel in the U.S. this week also rose. Diesel prices in the U.S. are $0.011 per gallon more than a week ago and $0.145 per gallon higher than a year ago.

All prices reflect on-highway diesel fuel costs.

7/8/13 Change From One Week Ago Change From One Year Ago
U.S. $3.828 +0.011 +0.145
East Coast $3.831 +0.014 +0.100
  New England $3.965 -0.006 +0.125
  Central Atlantic $3.895 +0.003 +0.077
  Lower Atlantic $3.757 +0.026 +0.111
Midwest $3.821 +0.006 +0.183
Gulf Coast $3.753 +0.019 +0.148
Rocky Mountain $3.811 -0.008 +0.131
West Coast $3.951 +0.009 +0.153
  West Coast less California $3.864 +0.008 +0.166
  California $4.026 +0.011 +0.144

Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration (dollars per gallon, prices include all taxes).

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