Diesel fuel price report: October 16, 2013

October 16, 2013


We reported on Monday that the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) is closed due to the federal government shutdown and will not report on diesel fuel prices until it reopens.

Since then, we’ve learned that ProMiles’ Fuel Surcharge Index, a website that collects retail fuel prices from truck stops across the U.S., will take over reporting national diesel fuel costs until EIA reopens.

According to the data from Fuel Surcharge Index, U.S. diesel fuel prices fell $0.010 per gallon to $3.834. The data show costs have dropped for at least three weeks now. EIA data previously showed a four-week decline.

Diesel prices fell in every U.S. region this week.

California experienced the greatest weekly decline, with diesel costing $0.035 per gallon less than a week ago and $0.308 per gallon less than a year ago.

The average price for diesel in the U.S. this week is $0.010 per gallon less than a week ago and $0.292 per gallon lower than a year ago.

Year-over-year costs decreased in every region. All prices reflect on-highway diesel fuel costs.

10/14/13 Change From One Week Ago Change From One Year Ago
U.S. $3.834 -0.010 -0.292
East Coast $3.852 -0.007 -0.242
  New England $4.005 -0.007 -0.217
  Central Atlantic $3.900 -0.012 -0.282
  Lower Atlantic $3.816 -0.004 -0.227
Midwest $3.825 -0.014 -0.331
Gulf Coast $3.780 -0.009 -0.252
Rocky Mountain $3.899 -0.018 -0.346
West Coast $4.961 -0.006 -0.331
  West Coast less California $3.108 -0.006 -0.341
  California $4.857 -0.035 -0.308

Source: ProMiles’ Fuel Surcharge Index (dollars per gallon, prices include all taxes).

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