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October 9, 2008

Throw away those shovels and rakes and slide on a GRADEBLADE Squeegee Blade or Crumbing Blade. In just 60 seconds these blades will shorten your work day, clean up a job site and save you money. GRADEBLADE fits every size bucket and any brand machine!

All Steel, 100% American Made

The mission of the GRADEBLADE is to help contractors increase job productivity while saving time and money. After 30 years in the business, our company has created a product that is inexpensive, convenient, fits everything and is 100% American made. GRADEBLADE is a small company with a great concept, committed to finishing a job faster and better.

Reduces backfill time and fits any type or size of machinery. This universal blade leaves a smooth surface and keeps your material coming to you with its 30 degree wings. Try our squeegee blade today and see the difference!


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