Doosan adds 72.1 metric ton DX700LC to top of crawler excavator range


August 31, 2010

ATLANTA, August 2010 —Powered by a 463-horsepower turbocharged Isuzu diesel engine, the DX700LC has an operating weight of 158,953 pounds with standard boom and arm, 35.4-inch double grouser shoes and 4.32-cubic-yard bucket. Optional buckets range in size from 3.27 to 5.89 cubic yards.

Bucket breakout force is 78,485 pounds with the standard bucket, while arm breakout force is 78,044 pounds. Maximum digging reach is 42 feet 7 inches at ground level and maximum digging depth is 27 feet 7 inches. Dump height is 27 feet 4 inches.

The long carriage (LC) design of the DX700LC, along with the 13-foot-11-inch width of the fully expanded undercarriage, offers optimum stability and safety in all kinds of digging, lifting and loading applications. Thanks to high swing torque of 48,369 pounds, the DX700LC works efficiently on slopes. Swing speed is 7.1 rpm.Fuel-efficient Tier 3 engine

The 6-cylinder “common rail” Isuzu AH-6WG1X engine features a high-pressure fuel injection system that improves combustion efficiency while reducing particulate matter. At the same time, exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) lowers the combustion temperature, reducing nitrogen oxide emissions on the Tier 3 compliant engine.

An electronic power optimizing system (e-POS), connected to the engine’s electronic control via a data transfer link, harmonizes the operation of the engine and the hydraulic system, further minimizing fuel consumption.

The DX700LC offers a new power mode control system that provides optimum power and efficiency under all operating conditions. The four modes include:

  •  Power mode for heavy-duty digging and loading.
  •  Standard mode for heavy-duty dumping, and general and breaker operation.
  •  Economy mode for medium-duty digging, loading and dumping.
  •  Lifting mode for lifting pipes or beams.

The unit’s positive control piston pump and open center valve enable fine metering of hydraulic flow for smooth, precise control of machine functions. Flow regeneration conserves energy and enables increased boom and arm cycles. Both the boom and arm cylinders are cushioned to provide smooth end-of-stroke operation while the holding system prevents attachments from falling when the controls are in the neutral position.

An automatic 2-speed travel system controls travel speed and tractive force. In high range, maximum travel speed is 2.9 mph. Drawbar pull is 107,806 pounds.

Operator comfort

As with all Doosan excavators, the operator’s cab is spacious, quiet and comfortable, with ergonomic controls and instrumentation. Joystick control stands raise and lower with the suspension seat while the seat itself slides forward and back to accommodate any operator.

In addition, the DX700LC is designed to keep machine noise levels as low as possible to reduce operator fatigue and make it easier for bystanders to communicate. The noise level at the operator’s ear is 76 dBA while the noise level for bystanders is a very low 108 dBA.

Ease of maintenance

The DX700LC shares the extended lubrication intervals of the entire Doosan excavator range, including 500-hour engine service intervals. Other ease-of-maintenance features include:

  •  Wide side access doors that make cleaning radiators and coolers quick and easy.
  •  A large capacity engine air precleaner that removes more than 99 percent of airborne particles and extends filter cartridge service life.
  •  Dual fuel precleaners, including a prefilter that removes nearly all moisture from the fuel for smooth engine operation.
  •  A PC monitoring function that enables connection to the e-POS system, allowing various machine parameters to be checked during maintenance.

The DX700LC — like every Doosan machine — is covered by an innovative 48-hour parts guarantee. The program guarantees that if a “machine-debilitating” part is needed, Doosan will deliver this part to the end user within two business days or Doosan will pay for a replacement machine rental.

In addition, Doosan is now offering new financing and leasing options through Doosan Global Finance.


Doosan heavy construction equipment includes large excavators, wheel loaders, and articulated dump trucks. Doosan is a global brand with more than 100 dealer locations in North America, fast becoming a serious force in heavy construction equipment, and known for an unmatched dedication to service and customer uptime, and durable, reliable products. For more information on Doosan heavy construction equipment, visit

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