Double Coin Tires and CMA partner with “Shipping Wars” star Chris Hanna

Kerry Clines

March 5, 2013

Chris Hanna and Robbie Welsh of A&E's "Shipping Wars"Double Coin Tires and CMA announced its partnership with Chris Hanna, president and owner of FCC Marine Transport and star of A&E network’s “Shipping Wars.”

Chris Hanna, along with his girlfriend Robbie Welsh, are key cast members on A&E’s original reality series, Shipping Wars. The original real-life series follows six independent shippers who have made a career by transporting items that traditional carriers won’t touch.  Through an online auction, the shippers are able to bid for each unique transport job.

In 2008, Hanna started his career and business transporting unique items in South Carolina. “I began using Double Coin’s 22.5 RL490 tires on my medium-duty Sport Chassis C4500,” Hanna said. “Due to the nature of our business, we put these tires through multiple seasons of heavy snow, extreme heat in the south, countless boat ramps all over the country, and these tires performed in every situation. We were able to push these tires to over 300,000 miles before they needed replacing. In our business, as in most businesses, the bottom line is always a concern, and when you find a set of tires that can perform as these have, you know you got the most for your money.”

“Chris’ enthusiasm, experience, and unique vocation attracted us to this partnership immediately,” said Aaron C. Murphy, vice president of CMA/Double Coin Tires. “We are proud to support his business and journey with our products and services.  We look forward to continued successes as his popularity grows.”

Shipping Wars is on its second season airing three days a week on the A&E network. For more information about the show, visit: For more information about Double Coin Tires, visit the website at

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