Duarte to stop challenging Vulcan Materials expansion project near Azusa

April 23, 2013


Duarte city officials have said they will not continue challenging an environmental review of Vulcan Materials’ mining expansion project in near Azusa, the Pasadena Star-News reported.

Duarte has spent nearly $600,000 in fighting the expansion project.

Duarte’s opposition to the project has been ongoing since Vulcan Materials first proposed moving its mining operation in 2009.

In February, the second appellate court sided with Vulcan Materials, following a Los Angeles Superior Court decision against the city of Duarte.

One of Duarte’s major claims in the lawsuit was that the Azusa Rock Quarry‘s mining plan had a faulty environmental report, which the courts rejected.

Read more of coverage of this dispute:

  • March 2009: Vulcan Materials proposes moving its Azusa Rock Quarry mining operation to west side, Duarte raises health concerns
  • April 2010: Azusa Planning Commission recommends city council approve Vulcan Materials’ mining plan, Duarte opposes
  • May 2011: Judge rules against Duarte’s argument to nullify Azusa’s environmental review
  • August 2011: Duarte City Council appeals judge’s ruling in favor of Azusa, new judge rules in Azusa’s favor
  • October 2011: Duarte files objections to superior court decision with state appeals court
  • April 2013: Second appellate district court upholds Los Angeles Superior Court’s decision against Duarte

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