Dufferin Aggregates requests water-taking permit in Ontario

April 4, 2013

Dufferin_AggregatesDufferin Aggregates last month requested a permit from the Ministry of the Environment to take water for operation of a gravel pit it wants to open north of Paris, Ontario, according to Paris Star.

Dufferin applied for the permit for a wash pond to clean the gravel it plans to take from 642 acres of farmland north and south of Watts Pond Road. The company received a licence for the pit 39 years ago; the new permit application is part of its plans to open it.

Though about 50 members of Concerned Citizens of Brant are calling on the council to oppose the application, odds are looking favorable for Dufferin. The company’s consultant said the anticipated Atrazine level – one concern from the opposing group –  will be between zero and five parts per billion, which is normally within accepted standards.

Additionally, the Ministry of the Environment has said Dufferin’s licence for the pit is in order and the company is following all approval procedures and regulations.

The permit application carries a 90-day comment period, and the Paris Star reports that the county is expected to register a comment.

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