Product of the Week: Dust Control Technology’s customized dust suppression

Kerry Clines

March 1, 2017

Dust Control Technology (DCT) is adding to its existing line of stationary dust suppression rings by offering customized geometric shapes, bars, or other configurations to meet the needs of the customer’s application. The company says it can create a virtually unlimited array of shapes and sizes, including the DustBoss DB-R ring, which creates a curtain of mist around a specified area for containment of fugitive dust or odor. The company can also supply custom spray bars and shapes under the DustBoss DB-B family of spray bar products. Customers can request a virtual site assessment to determine the best size and shape of a customized ring, or provide drawings of the customized shape desired.

“This capability was developed in response to several requests by clients seeking a viable area-specific solution,” says DCT President Laura Stiverson, in a press release.  “We’ve found that the most effective dust suppression approach involves identifying where in the industrial process fugitive dust is produced and customizing a solution that contains it at the point of emission. Custom rings and spray bars can be equipped with a pump that is matched to the specific device and the service conditions under which it must operate. Options include a complete plug-and-play system with its own control panel, as well as the ability to tie in to a customer’s existing controls. For applications that require surfactants, a dosing pump can be included in the design to precisely meter additives.”

Engineers at DCT say they have created custom systems for a variety of different industries, from aggregate to recycling to coal. With the launch of the customization program, the company is equipped to engineer systems of nearly any size and configuration.


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“This product family was created to fulfill unmet customer needs, but it also helps protect workers and the surrounding community from industrial dust and odor,” Stiverson adds in the press release.  “We want all of our customers to have a solution that fits their individual needs, contributing to health and safety, good community relations, and regulatory compliance.”

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