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July 29, 2009

For years the practice of mining has depleted the world’s valuable supply of raw materials. While these supplies are being consumed a large portion of them are being wasted during and after the mining process due to the continuous losses of fines through the previously unavoidable procurement of suspended particulate matter. The results of these suspended particles of raw materials are not only great losses of valuable non-renewable resources but they also contribute greatly to the ever-growing problem of toxic dust contamination. Dust Stop has multiple uses to help control the dust and put an end to toxic dust contamination which is realized as being of very severe importance.

A concern related to all mining practices and industrial sites is the migration of dust particles. Suspended particulate matter from mine sites contaminates such a wide range of area that it is a problem of growing concern. Dust from mines is carried through the air migrating to a vast number of areas that are ecologically sensitive and vulnerable to foreign dust particles. These particles find their way into surface and ground water and eventually end up in streams, lakes and rivers, contaminating aquatic life, vegetation and wildlife alike. Dust Stop can be sprayed in all areas of the mine with a high-pressure hose to blanket this dust and stop it from being stirred up and released into the atmosphere as dangerous toxic suspended particulate matter.

Most mining operations have an abundance of slag heaps, tailings, mineral wastes and stockpiles of various kinds which all widely disperse hazardous fines into the atmosphere. These are all very dangerous to the environment and mining operators throughout the world are looking for a viable solution. Dust Stop is that solution and it ensures the adherence to all current and future environmental regulations and immediately solves this and other very contentious issues that are being faced by mining operators today. It would be most adviseable to refer to Cypher’s Dust Stop category “Stockpiles and Storage Sites” for complete information on this subject. Please also make note that EarthZyme can fully protect all mine sites and roads as well as equipment yards, loading areas, storage foundations and much more on a permanent basis with extremely high load bearing capacity and total absence of dust.

Mining and industrial operations are precarious businesses where downtime and equipment costs are ongoing liabilities and dust from the mine sites themselves adds to these liabilities. Dust particles get inside the mechanical parts of the vehicles and equipment used by mining companies rendering them useless and induce the costs of enormous repair bills and increased labor costs. All equipment used by mining companies to extract raw materials is adversely effected by the presence of dust. However, this does not have to be the case since Dust Stop‘s proper use will efficiently suppress this costly dust inhibiting it from damaging expensive equipment and vehicles and providing a vastly improved work environment. Dust Stop can be used in and around the mines as well as on the mine roads themselves providing a pristine dust free environment. For use on roads EarthZyme is a permanent and cost effective solution resulting in a stabilized surface that is also 100% dust free and totally reliable at all times.

All mining operations are extremely hazardous to human health because of the dangerously high concentrations of respirable dust that comes in the form of mineral dust, sulfur, coal, asbestos, silica and numerous other materials extracted through mining that are dispersed via the process of dust contamination. The most immediate danger is to the mine workers themselves. The inhalation of the PM 2.5 and PM 10 particles found in mines is extremely detrimental to the health of the human body. They work in and around the thick clouds of dust produced by the mines inhaling unimaginable amounts of dust on a daily basis. This dust is extremely hazardous and is the main cause for the most prevalently found disease amongst mine workers that is referred to in the case of coal miners as coal workers’ pneumoconiosis (CWP), commonly known as “Black lung disease.” Other debilitating side effects of harmful mine dust on humans is cancer, asthma, bronchitis, allergies and various other types of lung diseases.

The two most common types of mining practices in use today are strip mining and underground mining operations. Strip mining, often referred to as mountaintop removal mining, is the practice of blasting off the tops of mountains to allow access for machines called draglines to come in and mine the various mineral deposits. There is still an immediate threat to the workers but not as much as is involved in underground mining operations. The threat involved in strip mining is more focussed on the environment. Huge craters are left in the wake of strip mining leaving vast areas of rock, mineral and soil exposed. These areas are extremely vulnerable to the eroding effects of wind and water. Through wind and water erosion the strip mine area will become even more depleted, losing extraordinary amounts of fines that add up to tonnes of material being lost on a yearly basis. The dust from these mines ends up in surrounding communities making them unsuitable for human inhabitance. It also compounds the dust contamination problem polluting surface and groundwater, soil and vegetation. Involved in any type of mining is pollution incurred through the suspended particulate matter that is lost in the transportation of materials out of the mine site. This transportation process leaves a trail of pollution behind it that can be traced all the way back to the mine itself but the advent of Dust Stop can now prevent this from happening.

The problems related to underground mining practices, although some are related to the environment, are mostly concerned with the health of the human workforce. What accentuates the problem with underground mining is the fact that it is all conducted in extremely confined spaces. This leaves no escape route for any suspended particulate matter in the air, contaminating the air for all those that must breathe it. The problem has been growing in recent years with the replacement of electric powered machinery with new diesel powered equipment. Diesel power produces diesel exhaust emissions that compound the respirable dust problem adding diesel soot to the already long list of underground mine dust contaminants.

Dust Stop can be utilized successfully to inhibit these harmful dust particles from ever being released as suspended particulate matter. The walls of underground mines can be covered with a coat of Dust Stop using a mixing tank and a high-pressure spray hose to help to provide cleaner, healthier breathing air. This will aid in the prevention of previously mentioned lung diseases like cancer, asthma and black lung disease. The benefit of using Dust Stop as opposed to other current conventional dust suppressant products is the fact that Dust Stop is 100% environmentally friendly and fully safe to use in such confined conditions inherent with the practice of underground mining. There are no adverse effects felt by the workers and proper usage will provide a safer and happier workplace. When utilized in strip mining operations the harmful effects on the environment will be greatly reduced, effectively lessening the ecological impact felt by the surrounding communities and ecosystems. When transporting materials from the mine, Dust Stop is sprayed on the surface of the material providing a blanket on top that does not allow the escape of any dust particles whatsoever. Dust Stop is also used on roads in and around mines and industrial operations to suppress any dust derived from that source. However, EarthZyme can be used as a more permanent solution to road dust and will achieve the same results, as well as producing a stabilized road that provides dependability to the mining operations 12 months of the year. Dust Stop‘s results are incomparable to any other dust control product on the market today and is the ultimate environmentally friendly and sustainable solution to the problem of dust contamination in and around mines.

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