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August 1, 2012

Check out this gathering of drills and drilling equipment available for use in aggregate production.



Atlas Copco Construction Mining Technique USA LLC

Multi-purpose drilling rig

Atlas Copco says its Boomer E1 C-DH is one of the largest diesel-hydraulic, face-drilling rigs on

the market, with a coverage area of up to 1,022 square feet. The single-boom, multi-purpose unit is specifically designed for mines or construction sites lacking water and electrical infrastructure. The rig comes with dual onboard 118-gallon water tanks and a six-cylinder, 232-horsepower Deutz diesel engine to drive the rig, its boom, and the drill’s hydraulic pumps.





Low- or high-pressure drill

REICHdrill’s C-550-DII down-the-hole (DTH) drill is suitable for drilling 5- to 6 ¾-inch holes to a depth of 148 feet with 30-foot drill pipe. Maximum rated pull down is 35,000 pounds with bit loading to 40,000 pounds. The drill is available as a low- or high-pressure drill with 900 to 1,070 cubic feet per minute for rotary and DTH drilling.




Raimonde Drilling Corp.

Wireline coring setup

Raimonde says its drilling fleet includes core drilling, sonic drilling, and production blast hole drilling. A wireline coring setup allows drilling down to almost 1,100 feet with nearly 100-percent recovery in most formations. The drill uses both HQ- and NQ-sized tooling, and offers quick setup and angle drilling capabilities.




Sandvik Construction

New generation DTH

Sandvik says its DI550 is the first of the company’s new generation of down-the-hole drill rigs. The rig also performs with 4-inch and 6-inch hammers. The unit includes smart automation features that the company says prevent human error and improve drilling efficiency and machine performance. It has fewer maintenance points and features large gull-wing-type service doors, an open component layout, and easy access from ground level for servicing and maintenance.




Simple, durable, efficient

Furukawa says its HCR1500 ED Series II drill is simple, durable, and efficient. Its extendable boom incorporates a self-adjusting drill system to ensure high productivity no matter what the drilling situation. The low-emission Cat C9 Tier III engine offers low fuel consumption and high horsepower. Increased fuel-tank capacity allows more operating hours before refueling.




J.H. Fletcher & Co.

Remote operation

J.H. Fletcher shipped its first remote-operated bench drill last year. The drill uses the chassis, cab, and boom as on the company’s standard jumbo drill, yet replaces the jumbo’s standard drifter (drill head) with a hydraulic-chuck drill head. A steel handling attachment on the side of the feed allows extra drill steels to be added to the string. The unit can drill holes up to 75 feet deep while the operator performs handling and coupling from an air-conditioned cab.



Boart Longyear

Drilling accessories

Boart Longyear says its new Lightning Rod Series surface rock drill and blast rods offer a quick-change male and female rod engineered for high durability and air flushing. The rods feature a diameter range of 33 to 60 millimeters and lengths ranging from 8 to 17 feet.

The company says its new 10UMX diamond bits (pictured), the newest addition to its UMX family of diamond coring bits, offer the most free-cutting matrix available, enabling the bit to penetrate the hardest rock formations. UMX bits use the company’s patented Stage waterway design. The geometry of these windows sustains the integrity of the bit through its entire life, allowing for a variety of crown heights. The Twin-Taper design improves surface flushing, forcing debris through the windows while keeping the bit face clear and reinforcing the inner diameter.



Caterpillar Inc.

Intelligently engineered

Cat’s MD5050T is the smallest in a line of four track drills and is capable of drilling 4-inch-diameter holes to a depth of 102.5 feet. The company says the line is intelligently engineered and designed with a sturdy frame for long life. An advanced carousel rod changer speeds cycle times, and boom extensions enhance drill-pattern coverage. Maintenance is quick and convenient with ground-level access to service points.




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