Eager Beaver Trailers


February 16, 2009

Since 1946, Eager Beaver Trailers has been manufacturing the highest quality equipment transport trailers from 6 to 75 Ton capacities.  The company™s proactive approach to transportation safety has made Eager Beaver Trailers a leader in product development and dealer support nationwide.  Eager Beaver Trailers uses only the highest quality components to ensure a safer haul, and most importantly, a more reliable trailer. No other trailer company provides state of the art technology innovations or more standard features on tagalongs and detachable neck lowboys.

Our Easy Loader Series, for example, offers the lowest low-angle in the industry. Our newest Easy Loader, 25 XPL, 50 thousand-pound capacity unit has an array of other updated features too, including lightweight wood ramps, hub- piloted disc wheels, true all wheel ABS and LED lights. It also has an air lift front axle when you don”t need it to reduce turning radius and save tire and brake-wear.  


Eager Beaver Trailers™ Paver PT series lowboy has changed the way hard to load” equipment is loaded. The low front approach, tapered ramps and gradual slope is designed to easily and safely load rollers, pavers and milling machines.  Other features of this model include run-up wheel covers with wood center, air ride suspension, all wheel anti-lock brakes, 100% sealed wire harness, Roto-rings®, lock in/lock out outriggers, bolt on oak decking, undercoat protection, and hi-clearance self lifting gooseneck.


When you”re thinking about how to improve your business, think quality, think safety, think innovation, think versatility, think investment — think Eager Beaver Trailers. Please log on to EagerBeaverTrailers.com for comprehensive information about our company, our products, and our expertise. While you”re there, click on Quote Me” and fill out the form on your business and your trailer needs. We”ll respond to your request within 24 hours. If you”d like information right away, please call 800- 257-8163.  

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