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January 29, 2009

You don”t have to be an excavation contractor to reap the benefits of using EarthWorks Excavation software. We have placed EarthWorks with a wide variety of contractors including Paving, Landscaping, Demolition, and General Contractors.

There are 5 things that make EarthWorks stand out among the other Excavation packages.

1. Ease of Use: Users are up and running in 1 day.
2. Ease of Input: Input complicated or simple topo”s quickly.
3. Error Checking: EarthWorks warns you when data is input incorrectly.
4. Easy Editing: It is simple to edit any information input into EarthWorks.
5. Price: EarthWorks is one of the most competitively priced packages on the market.

EarthWorks accurately calculates Cut and Fill yardages, Subgrade Volumes, Import/Export, Compaction/Expansion, and more.

Trenching now available!

EarthWorks now calculates trenching volumes. The trenching module is included in the EarthWorks software at no additional charge.

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