EDGE® Buckets by CEAttachments, Inc.


August 3, 2011

CEA offers many EDGE Dirt/Construction buckets, including Extended Dirt with a longer bottom and lower profile for grading, or Heavy-Duty for tough digging and material handling, both with or without flush mounted teeth and in standard, high-heel or low-heel models.  These buckets feature excellent cutting edge visibility and high breakout force.  Sizes from 48 in. to 96 in. with heaped capacities from 11.4 ft3 to 23 ft3.  Toothbars, bolt-on cutting edges and serrated bolt-on cutting edges are optional to make your bucket more versatile. 

Other buckets include bulk material, snow, utility/general purpose, skeleton rock, 4-in-1 combination, side discharge, grapple and more. 

Call CEAttachments toll free at 866-232-8224 or visit online for specs and video at www.ceattachments.com.

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