EDI Solutions and E-Commerce


June 9, 2008

Business Payment Services Group of First Data developed the first credit card application and service specifically for Business-to-Business clients. The Business Payment Gateway provides an alternative capture method to companies who are Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) capable or are using a proprietary format other than an FDMSSM format.

EDI is the computer-to computer exchange of standard business documents in electronic format and is the most commonly used process for doing business-to- business transactions worldwide and over the Internet.

The Business Payment Gateway can also accept and process transactions from any business that supplies credit card or checking account information from their on-line order entry or billing system.

The Gateway uses a message broker application software that is an any to any mapper. It supports real time processing, one-pass batch (authorizes and settles), two-pass batch (client sends separate file), internet and direct settlement of credit cards at Level 3 for Purchase Card, and other forms of electronic payments. The Gateway was designed with industrial strength specifications including various communications, protocols, and disaster recovery redundancy.


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