Editor’s Pick — new tires and tire-related products

Kerry Clines

March 7, 2013

Michelin | www.michelin-us.com

XTXL — X stands for radial, T for transport, and XL for extra load and extra life. The new tire is said to be suited for the latest-generation underground mining dump trucks and machinery. It can carry 29,000 kilograms per tire inflated to 8 bar and is able to transport increasingly powerful machines and their payloads. 

Michelin Tweel for skid-steer loaders.
Michelin Tweel for skid-steer loaders.

Tweel — means no more flat tires. This new, non-pneumatic tire for skid-steer loaders is a single-unit tire and wheel assembly that replaces the current tire, wheel, and valve assembly. It is comprised of a rigid hub connected to a shear bank by means of flexible, deformable polyurethane spokes and a tread band, all functioning as a single unit.

MEMS Evolution 2 — is a new version of Michelin Earthmover Management System (MEMS), which monitors tire temperature and pressure, as well as tire performance. The new wireless MEMS Evolution 2 features direct access to data regardless of where the vehicle is located in the mine, has a user-friendly interface for operators and data analysts, and offers greater flexibility for the operator’s information service.

OperTrak — is a new easy-to-use web-based tire and rim management system designed to monitor tire activity and optimize budgeting, forecasting, inventory, and performance. Features include real-time web-based data and information, a comprehensive fleet inspection tool, customizable budgeting and forecasting, multiple user input and retrieval capabilities, and compete fleet data consolidation.


Yokohama | www.yokohamatire.com

Yokohama RB42 tire.
Yokohama RB42 tire.

RB42 — is a new radial tire designed for dump trucks and soft and/or loose surfaces such as mud, sand, gravel, and rocks. Features include an extra-deep tread for improved traction and tread life, large center blocks that increase cut resistance and improve overall wear, and a zig-zag groove pattern for better traction.

RL45 —  is a new tire made for articulated dump trucks, loaders, and underground vehicles. Features include a deep tread for longer wear and better stability, a non-directional block pattern for abrasion and cut resistance, and side-cut protection and improved ride comfort.

RL51 — is a new grader tire for mining and construction. Features include side-cut protection, outstanding traction, and a long tread life.


DoubleCoin REM28SDouble Coin Tires and China Manufacturers Alliance, LLC (CMA) | www.doublecoin-us.com

REM-28S — is a new radial off-the-road tire for use on loaders (L-3), graders (G-3), and mobile cranes (MCS). The tires feature a wide footprint, excellent flotation, zig-zag siping, and a tread block design that increases traction and performance in winter snow and ice conditions. The tire is available in multiple tire sizes including 385/95R24 for graders, 17.5R25 for loaders, and 385/95R24 for high-speed mobile cranes. Additional sizes are under development.


Iowa Mold Tooling Co. Inc. | www.imt.com

IMT TireHandTireHand — is a tire manipulator that enables customers to efficiently and safely install and rotate the massive tires on mining and construction equipment. IMT added two new models and redesigned previous models to meet customer needs for more capacity options, increased productivity, and improved operator safety. Available in loader or forklift truck-mounted options, the TireHand provides maximum capacities ranging from 5,500 pounds to 36,000 pounds. Additional features include an optimized design and standard hydraulic fallback protection.

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