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December 14, 2007

Clement utilized computer “finite element anaylsis (F.E.A.)” to develop an extremely strong, relatively light weight trailer that was quite simple to manufacture. The results of which offer the customer a “workhorse trailer” and long life at a reasonable price.
   Evidence of the strength built into the trailer are the 3/16″ HT50 high tensile steel side sheets assuring extended life expectancy when compared to other trailers.  Supporting these heavy duty side sheets

are two massive 4″ x 6″ tube bottom rails with 4″ x 6″ bracing. 
  Another innovative feature built into the Clement is utilizing the bottom rails as our 80 gallon air tank for the gate, eliminating cost and weight.

   Finally as with all Clement trailers, our foundation is strong and stable with 102″ 25,000 pound axles; common inner and outer bearings; a 40,000 pound four-spring suspension as standard with 50,000 pound single point as an option.

Clement Air Cylinder
Cross Sections and Features

A. Solid aluminum head and cap and black anodized for corrosion resistancee.
B. Piston machined from solid aluminum bar stock
C. Hard anodized ID aluminum tube
D. Lip-type low friction urethane piston seals are pressure-energized.
E. Nitrile O-ring design is pressure compensated and reusable.
F. Rod lip seals with a rod u-cup is completely self conpensating for zero leakage at all pressures.
G. The new wiper wipes dirt out for less maintenance.
H. Piston wear ring is nylon material designed for low friction, and to ensure maximum wear in the cylinder.
I. Bronze gland is externally removable without cylinder disassembly for easy maintenance.
J. Piston rod high steel. Nitrocarburizing treatment on the rod gives better corrosion-resistance properties (outperforms 12-micron (.0005 inches) Chromium electroplating by ratio up to 20:1).
K. Tie rods have corrosion resistant (Nitro carburizing)., stress proof steel.


Cubic Yard Capacity:
20 yards, no boards
22.5 with boards

40 ft. overall length, w/o push bar
102-inch overall width
114-inch height w/o boards
193 x 90-inch hopper opening
111 x 55-inch gate opening
Ground clearance under gate:
     17-inches w/ 24.5-inch tires
     16-inches w/ 22.5-inch tires

2/16-inch hopper skins throughout
79° hopper side slope
55° hopper end slope
90° slope lower hopper
4 x 6-inch bottom rail
4 x 6-inch top rail and braces
Rear fenders standard

3/16-inch high tensile steel floor
8-inch externally mounted cylinders
80-gallon air tank in bottom rail
Infinite gate positioning and feathering control
Automatic injection air lubricator

Sealed beam, 7-way conduit in rubber grommets
Separate gate circuit

Running gear:
Axles: 102-inch – 5-inch round 25K capacity
Bearings: Common inner and outer
     Std: 44,000#, 4 spring – 3 leaf
     Opt: 50,000# single point
Wheels: 10-hole hub piloted disc, 8.25 x 24.5
Brakes: 16-1/2 x 7-inch fast change
Drums: Outboard cast
Tires: 11R 24.5 radials
ABS: 2S – 1M standard

Premium epoxy primer. Urethane finish for excellent durability

12,900 pounds with 4-spring

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