Eriez video on measuring displacement on electromagnetic and electromechanical feeders and conveyors

Kerry Clines

August 27, 2012

A new video from Eriez walks viewers through the proper procedures for measuring displacement on electromagnetic and electromechanical feeders and conveyors. The two-and-a-half minute video can be viewed from the company’s website at  or the company’s YouTube channel at

In the video, Rob Yandrick, Product Manager – Vibratory/Screening, explains that while a vibratory feeder with a factory installed tray is properly tuned at the factory before shipment, sometimes it may be necessary for displacement to be read at a user’s site. He cautions that too much or too little displacement can signal problems.

The video describes the two types of displacement stickers: v-gauge and circle-gauge. By utilizing a high-speed camera, the video shows close-up views of both the v-gauge and circle-gauge stickers while the feeders are in operation and moving at a high rate of speed. Yandrick provides a thorough explanation of the process for accurately reading displacement shown on the stickers. 

According to the video, written instructions on reading displacement are included with the Installation, Operation, and Maintenance manuals supplied with all Eriez vibratory equipment. For more information, visit

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