Erskine Landscape Rake


July 21, 2008

Ain™t Nothin™ but a stone dog…

An attachment that pays for itself in a very short amount of time… repalcing your hand labor work crew. The landscape rake was designed to remove small to medium sized rock, as small as 3/4″ along with unwanted roots and debris. It also breaks up lumpy soil, while grading, leveling, scarifying… preparing the soil for a one-step process. This is the perfect tool for preparing a seeding bed, sodding or lawn leveling.


  • Picks up material as small as 3/4

  • Adjustable side skids for setting depths

  • Exclusive replaceable bolt-on rake bars

  • Rake bars scarify and level while breaking up lumpy soil and picking up rocks

  • Dual springs on cover allowing for picking up larger rocks 

  • Top cover open hydraulically for easier dumping


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