ESCO Announces the Ultralok Tooth System for Construction and Aggregate Applications


April 7, 2008

ESCO Corporation, a global leader in innovation and performance for wear parts in the earthmoving industry, presents the Ultralok Tooth System- the latest breakthrough in construction tooth systems.

Unlike any other design in the industry, the Ultralock system offers a hammerless lock that is integrated into the point. This hammerless design not only provides increased safely, it also eliminates the need for seperate pins or locks.

  • The Ultralock design is a direct result of a recent “Voice of the Customer” survey conducted among construction and aggregate specialists around the world.

  • The Ultralock system will be offered in seven construction sizes- the first two introduced at the March 2008 ConExpo / ConAgg exposition. The product line will cover 6-75 metric ton class excavators and 3-12 yard class wheel loaders.

  • ESCO has designed a whole new family of tooth shapes specifically for the Ultralock system to maximize machine performance in all applications.

Benefits of the ESCO Ultralock Tooth System:

  • The hammerless locking system is an integral part of the point- resulting in greater safety, reduced field inventory and simplified field replacement.

  • The lower profile system increases penetration for greater productivity and reduced fuel consumption.

  • Point replacement in the field is quick and easy, reducing downtime and providing greater value to end users.

  • The Ultralock system has increased useable wear metal-reducing maintenance and downtime.

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