ESCO Hydraulic Couplers


November 25, 2008

The popularity of hydraulic couplers has grown dramatically in the past 20 years. The ESCO Multi -Pin Grabber coupler offers all the advantages of a standard couple with added versatility-allowing operators to pick up a variety of attachments lugged for other brands of excavators within the same weight class. The Multi-Pin Grabber coupler offers users a higher level of attachments inventory utilization than ever before.

ESCO offers the scoop bucket system in conjuction with the Multi-Pin Grabber Coupler. The unique design incorporates the attachment pins into the bucket beam to maintain maximum break out force with all the advantages of a hydraulic coupler.



Features & Benefits:

  • Buckets can be picked up in either the backhoe or face shovel mode for increased machine versatility-and added profits

  • Hydraulic check valve in the cylinder for added attachments security and safety.

  • Retains the same bucket open and close geometry for maximum break out force, which means longer duty cycles.

  • Closed lifting eye means added safety for your crew.

  • Fully FEA tested and manufactured ISO 9001 standards.

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