Excavator upgrades target efficient power use and faster cycle times

Therese Dunphy

July 26, 2016


Offers faster cycle times and more fuel efficiency

The Case CX350D weighs 82,483 pounds, is powered by a 268-horsepower engine, and offers a bucket digging force of 51,638 pounds, maximum dig depth of 24 feet, and drawbar pull of 61,373 pounds. It is designed to provide improved performance and productivity over its predecessors, including faster cycle times (up to 8 percent faster), increased breakout forces, improved responsiveness and multifunctional control, and greater fuel efficiency (up to 12 percent better). The CX350D comes standard with Case ProCare, which includes a three-year Advanced Case SiteWatch telematics subscription, a three-year/3,000-hour full-machine factory warranty, and a three-year/3,000-hour planned maintenance contract.

Case Construction Equipment | www.casece.com

Said to have most powerful engine in class

The new Cat 6015B Hydraulic Shovel is said to deliver a productivity advantage over other excavators in its size class thanks to the most powerful engine in its class, a large standard bucket, and payload capacity of 16.0 tons. The design translates to fast cycles and a pass match advantage over leading standard-equipped shovels in its class when loading trucks of 60-, 70-, and 100-ton capacities. The 6015B is equipped with a Cat C27 Acert engine that provides 813 horsepower. The 10.6-cubic-yard standard bucket further boosts production capability.

Caterpillar | www.cat.com

Precise digging capabilities in tough conditions

Doosan says the 373-net-horsepower DX490LC-5 Tier 4-compliant crawler excavator has unmatched reliability and durability, making it perfect for quarry applications. With a bucket breakout force of 67,902 foot-pounds, the excavator is said to ensure precise digging capabilities even in the toughest digging conditions. Features include larger bushing in track rollers, thicker sprocket teeth, added reinforcement plates, and increased plate thickness to the excavator’s boom and arm. Four power modes allow the excavator to better balance fuel consumption and machine power to the working conditions, while four work modes maximize efficiency and fuel economy in specific applications.

Doosan | www.doosanequipment.com

360-degree operating view display

The exclusive All-Around Viewing Monitor system for 360-degree-surround virtual operating view displays on an 8-inch cluster-monitor in the operator’s cab of Hyundai’s HX series, including the mid-sized, 173-horsepower HX220L. The Intelligent Moving Object Detection system warns the operator when objects come within 16.5 feet of the machine. Hydraulic system improvements include Boom Float mode for grading control, Fine Swing mode for load control, faster cycle times, Intelligent Power Control, and Eco Breaker mode. The Tier 4 final unit weighs 49,960 pounds and has a max dig depth of 22 feet, 1 inch and bucket-digging force of 32,550 pounds.

McLanahan | www.hceamericas.com

Faster work cycles and greater productivity

Equipped with a rugged Final Tier 4 diesel engine, the 870G LC boasts 512 horsepower and a maximum digging depth of 31 feet, 5 inches. The 96-ton machine comes equipped with the exclusive John Deere Powerwise III engine management system. It features more hydraulic flow for faster work cycles and greater productivity, as well as a comfortable and spacious cab for improved operator comfort. The production class excavator is said to be easy to service with cab-level machine access and points of contact all around the machine. A five-year subscription of JDLink Ultimate telematics gives 870G owners real-time utilization data and alerts to help maximize productivity and efficiency while minimizing downtime.

John Deere | www.deere.com

New hydraulic regeneration system increases efficiency

Kobelco’s 49,400-pound, Generation 10 SK210 is powered by a 160-horsepower Tier IV Final HINO engine, enabling it to remain fuel efficient while easily tackling heavy-duty applications. The new unit delivers a dynamic digging force of 29,330-foot-pounds to achieve what is said to be leading-class work volume. It boasts a 7-percent increase in work volume per hour, while providing up to a 10-percent increase in fuel economy in S-mode and a further 6-percent increase in ECO-mode. This boost in efficiency comes from a new hydraulic regeneration system, which aids the arm by reusing force generated by the boom, further minimizing energy loss and ensuring outstanding performance.

Kobelco | wwww.kobelco-usa.com

Boasts intelligent machine controls

With an operating weight range of 105,670 to 110,220 pounds, Komatsu America’s PC490LC-11 is said to be an ideal option when there’s a need to move mass quantities of material in short order. It’s a large and versatile performance-oriented excavator equally at home excavating quarry rock or running a breaker. With rated bucket capacities up to 4.15 cubic yards, the PC490LC-11 is a good match to the Komatsu HM300 and HM400 articulated trucks.

Komatsu America | www.komatsuna.com

Performance-enhancing technology boosts productivity

Liebherr’s R936 excavators are equipped with integrated, performance-enhancing technology, based on the Positive Control hydraulic system with sensors attached at strategic points on the excavator. When the operator moves the machine, the intelligent control for the engine and hydraulic system optimizes each movement, facilitating fast, fluid, and precise working movements. The pump circuits can work independently or together, making optimal energy utilization possible. Its operating weight is between 30 and 38 tons, and the engine power is 231 horsepower. The R 936 is said to achieve maximum digging and breakout forces for a significant increase in productivity of up to 13 percent over the previous model.

Liebherr | www.liebherr.com

Features six working modes

LiuGong introduces the 925E Series Excavator. The 65,612-pound machine is powered by a Cummins engine and meets Tier 4 Final requirements. The unit has a maximum digging depth of 22 feet, 7 inches. Standard features include six selectable working modes and a multi-functional LCD display with maintenance information that is available in seven languages. Audible alarms provide alerts while safety is also enhanced by a built-in, rear-view camera.

LiuGong | www.liugongna.com

Suitable for a range of hydraulically controlled attachments

The TB1140 Series 2 excavator, from Takeuchi, features a pivot boom and standard backfill blade, giving it the functionality of a compact excavator. The hydraulic system, dual auxiliary hydraulic circuits, and proportional auxiliary hydraulic controls are said to make it suitable for a range of hydraulically controlled attachments. With an operating weight of 34,116 pounds, it has a maximum digging depth of 18 feet, dump height of just over 20 feet, and maximum reach of nearly 29 feet. The excavator has a bucket breakout force of over 22,000 foot-pounds. Powered by an Isuzu engine, the 103.3-horsepower unit can travel up to 3.3 miles per hour.

Takeuchi | www.takeuchi-us.com

Responsive operation for greater productivity and cycle times

The 22-ton Volvo EC220E is powered by a Tier 4 Final Volvo D6 engine. The fully optimized hydraulic system and ECO mode deliver the power required to complete a task, while auto engine shutdown helps reduce fuel consumption and emissions. The increased pump power enables responsive operation for greater productivity and cycle times — and with the boom float function, the pump power normally used for boom lowering can be saved or used for other functions, also reducing cycle times. The new valve controls the boom operation proportionally according to the arm operation while grading. This system also improves lifting controllability while traveling simultaneously.

Volvo Construction Equipment | www.volvoce.com

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