Excore diamond bit line – faster core drilling, significantly longer service life


April 6, 2010

March 26, 2010 – Commerce City, CO – With optimized crown designs and new matrices, Atlas Copco’s new Excore diamond bit line achieves greater penetration rates with an extended service life. As a result, contractors using Excore bits can drill both faster and deeper, but spend less time changing bits.

The metallurgy and design of the Excore bits allow their use in a wider range of applications than their predecessors. Drillers can reduce the types of diamond drill bits usually required to tackle different rock conditions on site – without losing performance. As a result bit selection is simplified. This improves both productivity and cash flow.

The new Excore diamond bit line has been thoroughly tested over the past two years on four continents, under varied conditions, with different customers. Results conclusively show a significant improvement in performance and bit life.

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