September 1, 2010

Kansas City, MO – Once again, Fairbanks Scales demonstrates its expertise with the introduction of Fairbanks Access Solutions, a comprehensive vehicle identification and weighing system, that can automate one or more lanes at the scale house. 

The system starts with the Access Entry Station.  Loaded with features, this advanced entry unit greets vehicles arriving at a site, both audibly and visually, using a crisp color screen.  Its ability to integrate easily with truck scale and flow meters enables it to measure and weigh the amount of any material being dropped off or picked up.

The Access Entry station quickly captures essential transaction information and sends it to our MatreX Processing System.  MatreX is a powerful, SQL-based transaction processing system that provides real-time data.  It can consolidate transaction data from multiple sites, then produce a variety of reports or export data to billing systems.  The result:  fast, accurate data processing with minimum effort.

Our system’s ability to operate without an attendant can extend a customer’s operating hours while saving labor costs.  In addition, its ability to automatically identify and weigh vehicles reduces manual data entry and potential for costly errors.

Our system is ideal for a wide variety of applications, including landfills, transfer stations, quarries, recycling plants, paper plans and other material-handling operations.  The system’s ability to operate without an attendant and accept credit card payments is particularly valuable to operations that accept or sell consumer material for a fee.

The Access Entry Station’s intuitive screens and easy operation enable vehicle processing every 15 to 45 seconds without an attendant.  In addition, its ability to process credit cards while operating unattended can expand a customer base and extend the operating hours, while reducing labor costs.

The system is designed to complement and improve the performance of a customer’s management system.  Based on Microsoft’s latest platform, “.NET” and Microsoft SQL Server, the system can be integrated with any management system.

The Access Post Supports optional equipment that helps improve a customer’s operation’s speed and accuracy.  Easy-to-read signage quickly tells drivers what to do.  A long-range RFID reader can quickly identify a vehicle with an RFID transponder as it approaches the processing area.  The vehicle’s identification number is sent automatically to the MatreX system for processing.  Other options include a security camera to provide the ultimate in processing security.

Founded in 1830, Fairbanks Scales has become the leader in the industrial weighing market by creating and manufacturing an unrivaled range of weighing equipment solutions. From bench, parcel, counting, floor, and truck scales to animal, railroad track, and a full range of specialty scales, Fairbanks Scales has a reputation of being the most agile and attentive industrial weighing partner in the business. Headquartered in Kansas City, Mo., the company also is uniquely positioned to provide services for non-weighing products based on its nationwide contingent of technicians who can provide preventive maintenance and consistent, reliable service. To request more information or to obtain the name of the Fairbanks representative or authorized distributor nearest you, please call (800) 451-4107, or visit www.fairbanks.com.

If it has to be right…It has to be Fairbanks!

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