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Brooke Wisdom

April 1, 2010

Drilling and Blasting in Style

Using the right drilling and blasting equipment can help increase production in aggregate operations.

By Kerry Clines, Senior Editor

Greenfield development begins with rigs designed for exploratory drilling.


Bowser-Morner, Inc. says its Sonic rigs recover 4-inch continuous core samples of sand and gravel deposits to maximum depths and continue into consolidated formations. Its ‘N’ 2-inch or ‘H’ 2.5-inch wire line coring rigs are ideal for limestone or other mineral formations.

BoartBoart Longyear

Boart Longyear says its new flyable SC11 surface drill rig delivers large-diameter and deep-hole drilling capacity with a 132 kN pullback rating and PQ handling capacity. The rig was designed to easily break down into flyable modules, with the heaviest lift being only 680 kilograms. Lifting points are positioned at the module’s center of gravity for balance, while quick-connect hydraulic couplings accelerate assembly/disassembly and prevent oil spills.


Drilling attachments do the trick when you don’t need the entire rig.

TEITEI Rock Drills

TEI Rock Drills says its hydraulic excavator mount (HEM) attaches to excavators 12 tons and larger and operates off the excavator’s hydraulic system with no modifications to the excavator. The drill mast is available with up to 20-foot drill travel. Torques are available up to 10,000 foot/pounds. The HEM is used for hard-to-reach drilling and drilling oversize boulders.

longyearBoart Longyear

A new line of surface-set bits from Boart Longyear include 11 configurations designed to yield deeper penetration and reduced rod tripping. The Surface Set XP bits feature an impregnated crown with multiple layers of diamonds that the company claims last up to three times longer than conventional surface-set bits.


Blasthole drill rigs let you get down and dirty with the rock.


Reichdrill, Inc. says its C-550-DII rig drills 5- to 6 ¾-inch holes to a maximum depth of 148 feet with 30-foot drill pipe. Maximum-rated pull down is 35,000 pounds with bit loading to 40,000 pounds. The rig is available as a low- or high-pressure drill with 900 to 1,070 cubic feet per minute for rotary and down the hole.


Sandvik says its DP1500i intelligent, hydraulic, self-propelled, crawler-based surface top hammer drilling rig produces information on the condition of the drill and the work performed. Features include a user-friendly drilling parameter set up, an advanced rollover protective structure (ROPS)/falling object protective structure (FOPS)-certified safety cabin, excellent visibility, and step-by-step troubleshooting instructions.


Bucyrus says its R20T hydraulic track drill has the largest drill pattern available at 395 square feet and features two new options — the carousel rod changer and single rod changer. The carousel rod changer will hold five rods in the carousel and one 20-foot rod in the feed and can change either 12-foot or 14-foot rods. The single rod changer will hold a 12-foot or 14-foot rod in the magazine and a 20-foot starter steel in the feed.

atlasAtlas Copco

The Roc T15 compact hydraulic surface drill from Atlas Copco weighs only 6,172 pounds and is completely operated by radio remote control. With three rock drills available, it can drill holes between 17/8 and 1¾ inches in diameter to a maximum depth of 30 feet. Features include a folding boom and aluminum feed. The rig provides more than 60 square feet of horizontal coverage area.

Once the drilling is done, sound blasting technology ensures quality breakage.


greenDyno Nobel

Dyno Nobel Inc. says its fully programmable Digishot Plus provides accurate timing benefits, quick deployment, all-weather surface connectors, and offers remote firing. Its electronic initiation system provides the ability to initiate up to 1,800 detonators per shot and accommodates up to 15 detonators per borehole. Users can assign any delay to any detonator in any manner desired after the detonators are connected.


The new Re:mote monitoring system from GeoSonics/Vibra-Tech engineers provides seismographs, noise monitoring, or water level measurements in a standalone remotely accessed system, providing third-party objectivity. Cellular and satellite communication protocols allow custom viewing of enhanced Web-access data relevant to the end user anywhere, anytime.


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