February 2010 – RollOuts

Therese Dunphy

February 2, 2010

By Kerry Clines, Senior Editor

High-capacity jaw crusher

KPI-JCI says its new Vanguard Plus series of jaw crushers offers greater capacity, less downtime, and unmatched dependability. Performance features include a forged 1.5-inch eccentric shaft to increase stroke productivity and toggle seats with alignment for maximum crushing action. Self-aligning spherical roller bearings offer additional strength and long-term service. Safety features include a barrel protector plate to protect against costly pitman damage and lower retaining lips to protect the pitman and crusher base.

Increased production throughput

Unified Screening & Crushing says its new SuperFlow screens are a hybrid of wire cloth and urethane support strips that allow each wire to vibrate independently to provide a harmonic frequency that reduces plugging and blinding. The company says recently completed field tests indicate that the screens can improve throughput performance by as much as 30 percent, and that the operations participating in the study experienced fewer shutdowns for cleaning. The screens are said to perform well when screening dry material, but are especially productive when handling wet or sticky material. The screens are available in three styles — W-style (alternating straight and crimped wires), D-style (diamond-shaped), and H-style (herringbone weave).

Side discharge bucket

The new FFC Side Discharge Bucket by Paladin Construction Group is designed to attach to any skid steer. The bucket scoops the material and then discharges it from either the right or left side for precise placement. No tool adjustments are necessary to switch discharge direction. A load-limiting hopper and removable conveyor belt cover keep weight off the belt to enable easy belt starting, prevent stalling, and ensure maximum placement speed. By varying the speed of the onboard hydraulics, the throw distance of the material can be adjusted.

Portable, easy to operate equipment line

KPI-JCI says its new affordable line of Global Track Series equipment is designed for exceptional portability and easy operation. The new line includes the GT5162i screen plant, the GT2640 jaw crusher, the GT200 cone crusher, and the GT2514 Fold ’n Go. The GT5162i screen plant boasts a fuel-efficient Tier III diesel engine, a 5- by 16-foot two-deck screen with modular decks, a 42-inch apron feeder to absorb heavy shock loads, and a 54-inch H.D. end-delivery conveyor that accepts top and bottom deck-over trailers. The GT2640 jaw crusher features the Vanguard Plus series jaw crushers. The company says the GT200 cone crusher’s crushing capacity creates more saleable materials per pass, saving time and increasing profitability. The GT2514 Fold ’n Go has three onboard stacking conveyors for access to maintenance areas.

Data collection for heavy equipment

Dexter + Chaney’s new Spectrum Equipment Service System electronically collects asset-management data for heavy equipment, including hours of operation, fuel usage, and maintenance. The system includes three main components — the Equipment Monitor, which is attached to each piece of machinery to record and relay data; the Field Master touch screen device that collects data from the Equipment Monitor; and the Fuel Controller that captures and tracks fuel usage. The system simplifies equipment servicing for mechanics and fuel truck drivers by alerting them when preventive-maintenance tasks are due and records the maintenance activity when it is performed.

Onboard vehicle camera/DVR

Safety Vision’s new SafeDrive MiniDVR mobile digital video recorder system for fleet vehicles installs directly to the windshield and incorporates both a forward-facing road-view camera and a rear-facing cabin-view camera. It records video, audio, and metadata to a removable CompactFlash card included within each unit. Video is automatically recorded when a vehicle operator is speeding or driving erratically, when the driver/operator manually presses the save button, or when a crash occurs. GPS map coordinates, G-force data, vehicle speed, event trends, and audio are also recorded and tracked.

Height safety system marketing partnership

Capital Safety and Standfast Holdings have entered into a partnership to market a full line of Tram height safety systems. The systems, which offer user mobility, stability, and security atop all types of heavy equipment and trucks, are comprised of the Tram unit, a base, rail, handhold, mounting hardware, and body support. It prevents falls on a platform or walkway and provides protection for the user when making a transition from ladder to platform or walkway.

Equipment maintenance software

The new Equipment360 equipment maintenance software program from HCSS enables companies to manage their entire maintenance operation. The program tracks equipment maintenance schedules so the company can perform timely maintenance to reduce downtime, lower fuel consumption, avoid costly job site repairs, and enhance equipment resale value. The product provides an itemized cost history for each piece of equipment and identifies unreliable equipment that should be sold. The program stores information in an easy-to-find format and allows mechanics to enter their time directly into the system.

Soft rock drill bits

Atlas Copco says its new Secoroc Threaded Rocket Bit (TRB) drill bit range offers a greater penetration rate than other bits — a penetration rate that is sustainable throughout the bit’s service life. The TRB design has full ballistic buttons and deep vertical grooves, resulting in a bit that produces rock chips rather than cuttings, creating more space between the rock face and the bit head. A faster penetration rate allows more holes to be drilled per day, reducing the cost per hole.

Low height/weight crawler dozer

Case Construction Equipment added the new 650L to its crawler dozer line. The company says the machine has a lower overall operating height and weight, yet retains the features of its larger crawler dozers including hydrostatic drive, comfortable operator compartment, two undercarriage options, and superior maintainability. The lower operating height allows the dozer to work around low overhangs, while its lighter weight is ideal for work in soft soil conditions. The shorter track means easier turning, and the compact size makes it easier to transport.

Compact, yet productive

Bobcat says its new 6-ton E60 excavator, part of the new M-Series line of loaders and excavators, features a new design that increases the comfort of the operator and durability of the machine, while decreasing the frequency of preventive maintenance. The cab offers a seat that adjusts nine ways, including moving or angling the armrests, joysticks, lumbar support, and seat bottom and back. The excavator is available with either rubber or steel tracks and features an in-track swing frame that enables the boom to stay within the width of the tracks. Other features include a 13-foot, 7-inch dig depth and an operating weight of 13,556 pounds with rubber tracks.

Next generation harness

Capital Safety says its new ExoFit Nex full-body harness, provides comfort, function, and durability. The harness material is soft yet durable anti-absorbent webbing with strategically placed padding and protective elements that prolong its service live. Its hardware allows for a one-time adjustment that stays in place throughout the day, ensuring a snug fit.

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