Flip Screen’s new EX80 screening bucket attachment now available in U.S.

Kerry Clines

March 14, 2011

Flip Screen Australia Pty Ltd is now offering its new EX80 screening bucket attachment in the United States. The EX80 is suitable for 20- to 27-ton excavators and works by rotating on a horizontal axis continuously through 360 degrees. An easily interchangeable screen allows smaller particles to pass through, depending on mesh size, while a baffle retains larger material so that it may be dumped separately. The drive chain is capable of lifting heavy loads up to 24-metric tons, and self-aligning main bearings can handle a 64-metric ton static load. The company says the EX80 can double as the excavator’s bucket and is capable of digging at the full breakout force without structural failure. Including its mesh screen, the unit weighs 4,650 pounds, features a 47-inch-wide by 24-inch-high bucket opening, and has a capacity of approximately 1 cubic yard. Total screening surface area is 37 square feet.

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